Help needed with Pi-Digi+ (Beginner)

YES!!! Mate, thank you so much! Operator error as usual!!

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No problem – we all fumbled around in the beginning. You can safely empty that bin now. :slight_smile:

Let us know how it sounds in your system!

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Thank you so much. Just setting it up now…

Now the enjoyment starts…

Yes, its working well. Apart from when I look at the output in Roon is says its Analog?
Its not of course, I am using the digital output (electrical)
Any ideas why? I have checked all settings…

Can you put a screenshot of your audio settings (Settings > Audio in Roon), like this?

Any use or do you need more?

Ah, I see. I’d guess this is related to IQAudio’s Digi+ being a rather new device. Your signal path will be straightened out when a Roon update adds full certification and/or @Gordon_Garrity releases an updated image for the Digi+.

Anyway – nothing to worry about for now – I’ll sound just the same. Enjoy the music! :slight_smile:

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One day forward, and it sounds great!
Thank you all for your help.