Help needed with setting up Roon Bridge on Raspberry Pi etc

I recently started with Roon and I really like it!

At this moment everything is installed on one single iMac. I want te improve the sound quality with splitting things up on:
a. iMac (Roon server and UI)
b. Raspberry Pi (Roon bridge) which will be connected to my USB DAC.

Is there anyone who wants to help me with setting up this because I am completely new to things like Raspbbery Pi etc. If possible in Dutch because my ‘technical’ English isn’t that well…

Jan Willem.

Hi @Jan_Willem, check out or the ropieee section in this community and you will be up and running in no time. :slight_smile:

small correction: :wink:

but yeah, we’ll help you through this @Jan_Willem

@spockfish @seagull Thanks. I’ll have a deeper look very soon. Will let you know.
First step is to buy a Raspberry Pi I guess. Something like this?

Don’t know if you have access to Amazon, but it’s cheaper there and with almost unconditional return policy.

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