HELP_ no QOBUZ stream on innuOS

I have active access to QOBUZ… I see QOBUZ album… on ROON v2.0 (build 1133)
But, no stream…always error.
(If I stream over innuOS APP, it’s OK)

With innuOS_ROON CORE active only TIDAL but NO QOBUZ!!!
I quit from APP (installed as new…) NOTHING.
I restart ROUTER and innuOS (device Zen) NOTHING.

So, what can I do?
The problem is ROON. Period.
Even with a new APP on other device instead of the iPad (OS 15.7 last), a iPhone… same: NOTHING.

So what?

I am just another Roon user but Roon support will not reply until Monday but I would suggest you provide more information as to your system setup, network,router, switches , how it is connected, wifi or Ethernet or combination of the two, any recent software updates, etc as well as the error message you get so that they can see that information straight away rather than having to ask you for it on Monday.

Thanks RodS… I’ll be waiting for them.
Anyway… I just wrote what is necessary because its a ROON problem, there are some topic the same.
(Many times… solved after… so much forced reboots and so on)

I repeat myself: App with the same ID (password, of course) are streaming, only ROON no.
Absurd is that ROON (core on innuOS) see and connect my account (I see library etc.) and I read on ROON APP (iOS last firmware on iPad) that I am connected… but… streaming… no possible.


It’s a shame. (All software on APP stream my Qobuz album. ROON permit me to see them -even to create playlists with them- but not to stream… while I see on ROON settings… I’m connected!)
Shame. Period.

Log out of Qobuz in Roon so it disconnects, reboot then reconnect qobuz accout and see if it helps.

I did it twice.
NO WAY OUT. I’m connected…but when I try to play… errors because "ROON cannot Login me even so ROON writes… I’m connected!)
FKFF!!! (ROON/QOBUZ) Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Up, please…last one.

Maybe I understood, without QOBUZ support that… are telling me to contact ROON. :unamused:

To this account of mine, they (QOBUZ) have associated a “trial” but not of a month and “complete”:
but a trial of one month WITH “30 seconds per track” ONLY!!!

ROON on innuOS-core (Linux based) it doesn’t handle this thing: it lets me log into Qobuz, see the libraries but don’t let me hear the “30 seconds”, while innuOS sense APP does.

Seems like it.

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