Help! Nuc stopped working


I just received a used NUC8i3BEK with installed roon ROCK.

I successfully migrated my database from previous core, and started using the new core with lots of excitement. After 15 minutes of blasting music, the nuc turned off and it doesn’t seem to turn back on.
Of course I tried different wall plugs etc…

Has anyone encountered the same?
Any suggestions?

I wonder if it’s over-heating. Might be why someone sold it.

With only 15 minutes?
Also when I touched it was not even slightly warm…
Could it be the power supply?

I had an issue with a NUC10 with a bad M.2 drive.
It made it crash the Rock os completely, but it would start again after.

Have you tried plugging a monitor in and removing the M.2 drive

Sorry but I do not quite understand the terminology…
I am not so educated around these…

Hi Aris, the M.2 is the mini hard drive that is on a chip inside the Nuc.
To get to it you have to open the case, which on mine was two thumb screws.

Before trying any of that though unplug the power lead and then make sure all the bits are pushed in tightly and try turning it on again just to see if you get a power light

Thank you for the explanation Michael.
So I should open it up first and make sure everything is placed firmly? And then check the M2 chip?

I would remove the power cable first, make sure it is all connected properly and then plug it in and try it again.

Start with the simplest thing first and then move to the more complicated

Then if that doesn’t work, then open it up and see that nothing got moved about in transit.

oh yes I have tried that multiple times. Other power sockets as well

So before opening the case and resetting the drive and memory.

Did you buy this new, or second hand and are you likely to void your warranty?
If all is ok take the case apart and try resetting he disk and memory and before putting the case back on try it again and see if it powers up

This. (10 char)

Well, I got it second hand from ebay.
By resetting you mean take them out and back in?

Did the seller have a 100 percent favorable rating?

Yes they can move in transport, but it is less likely as it was working.
Yes remove them and pop them back into place and see if it helps.

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Yes and I can say he was quite helpful and supportive. As I see it he didn’t try to scam me…But you never know…Maybe my bad luck

Thank you…
I really appreciate you taking the time

Aris, no problem, just watching women’s football on the TV, so need something to keep me occupied.

And we have all been here one time or another just needing some help

Have a good one then!
I will try opening up tomorrow and if I have any news I will post just for the sake of it…
Thanks again and enjoy the game… :rofl: :rofl: :joy:

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No problem Aris, have a great evening as well

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