Help on moving library to Ubuntu Server


I am an absolute beginner on linux and need some help please. I had my Roon Server on Synology 415+ but wanted some better performance. So I take my old i7 PC system and installed the newest Ubuntu Server and Roon Server. The system is running fine headless as I want it. Could somebody help with the Linux console for migrating my old library, please. The library (raatserver and roonserver) is on a fat32 formated USB stick (sdb/sdb1). How do I copy the two folders th my Ubuntu Server? I know that I have to mount the stick and to copy with cp command but I don’t know how to do this.


Hi Enno

As a complete beginner Unix is a steep learning curve - especially headless. It’s very easy to make mistakes and trash your system. You might want to spend some time with a decent Unix tutorial first - there are lots out there.

Basically, you need to create a mount point (a folder where you will mount the USB drive) and then copy the files from the USB stick to the relevant directories on your server.

This is an example only – please don’t just copy these commands without knowing what you’re doing:

Make a mount point:

mkdir /media/myusbstick

Mount the USB stick on the directory you’ve just created:

mount /dev/sdb1 /media/myusbstick

You can now copy files from the USB stick to a destination on your system with, for example:

cp -R /media/myusbstick/folder1 /full-path-to-destination

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^^^ /dev/sdb should be /dev/sdb1 in the above mount statement

I’ve worked in IT since '82, always changing to keep up with the latest.

If you’re not a pro, why would you want to go to this solution? Seems like a lot of work with little benefit.

You’re right - corrected.

Unless you want to learn Linux, I agree. I"d have suggested just using the latest Windows and be done with it.

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Thank you guys. I want to clarify that Roon is already running on my installed Ubuntu server. I choose Ubuntu Server for some reasons - it runs headless with no gui or any other power hungry instances, it is free and I am willing to learn new stuff.:wink:

So I will look for some tutorials but every hint is welcome.

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