Help please re Tidal album deletions

Hello Brains Trust

In an effort to creat more space on my iPhone I deleted a number of Albums from “My Collection” in the Tidal App on my iPhone SE ( 2nd Generation). I checked in my Tidal button in my Roon app on my iPhone and they were still there after I deleted them from my Phones Tidal app. - Phew . However I now notice that they are gone from my Roon Tidal collection - Ahhhh.
Is there anyway I can find a list of what I deleted , not necessary the albums - if I have the list I can reinstall them.
Is there a way to download them from Tidal in Roon and permantly have them in my Roon Library with out having them in MY Collection on my Phone App.
BTW I also decided to get a larger iPhone now with 256GB memory ! However I would like to get at least a list of what I deleted .
Sydney Oz

Hello @Bruce_Dowd,

Thanks for sharing this experience. I’m sorry that you’re going through this :sweat:

Deleting tracks/albums from Roon also means that those tracks/albums will be removed from your TIDAL favorites in TIDAL. This action is irreversible and destructible. I’m afraid there is no record of the tracks anywhere else once deleted.

If you have been backing up Roon regularly, you can restore an older backup from before you’ve deleted this tracks:

Also, you shouldn’t need the space on your iPhone - Roon is not storing the music files themselves in your Roon library, only the metadata (the data about those files). They are streamed directly from TIDAL.

Sorry about the trouble :pensive: