**** HELP PLEASE **** ROON 2.0 on Mac Can't find ARC TAB + REBUILD MY CORE & LIBRARY!

Roon Core Machine

iMac El Capitan 10.11.6

Networking Gear & Setup Details

QNAP NAS with Synology router / NordVPN

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

Don’t know but several thousands

Description of Issue

I migrated this morning to Roon 2.0
After migration I had a Roon message (don’t remember it exactly) saying that he couldn’t migrate due to my old configuration.
The only choice I had was to add a new Roon licence.
I did that by reconnecting with my Roon login/pwd
The result is that I don’t see anymore my library
I had to reselect my music folder located on my NAS and he is now scanning thousand & thousand of files.
I don’t see anymore tracks … the wheel in the upper bar shows that scanning files is in progress.
Is there a way to undo / stop this process & display all my library before udpating ? Because I’ll have to wait for days before end of scanning…
An especially I would like to retrieve my playlists

When I look at my roon set up

  • on my Imac laptop, Roon core is still in version 1.8 (build 1105) and i think he can’t upgrade due to my El Capitan OS
  • on my NAS where my files are located, Roon server is in version :** 2.0 (build 1128) production

An of course i don’t see any ARC tab on my iMac.

sorry to bother you with basic questions but i’m not very technical & familiar with Roon.

Many thanks by advance for you help & reactivity !!


Roon 2.0 only supports MacOS 10.15 now.

If you want to continue using your MacMini you’ll need to upgrade your OS, or download and run the new 1.8 (Legacy) version.

More info here

Maybe i can restore a backup from 17th september ?
But I don’t know if it’s possible & compatible ? and above all, won’t erase any music file ?
If possible, I guess that Roon will update new tracks added since 17th september ?

thanks again

When I Say “buy” i should have said configured because I’m a perpetual subscriber with a single license.
Hope my answer will help

Thank you for helping me out with that. :laughing:

See this article

If I’ve understood correctly, it looks like your core is on the NAS, and you used the iMac as control, but this wouldn’t upgrade to 2.0 because it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. Furthermore, you appear to have set up the iMac as your core, which explains why you can’t see your original library.

Do you wish to use Roon 2.0? If so, you need a Roon 2.0 controller that can “see” your core. Do you have a mobile device that has Roon 2.0 installed?

My problem is now fixed : my library & playlists are ok on 2.0 version
I restored a roon backup (very long, almost 1/2 day), upgrade my OSx on my Imac to be compatible with Roon 2.0, upgrade my Roon controler on iMac & Core on my NAS to 2.0 version.


Thanks everyone for your precious help


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