Help Please.. RPi not showing up in Audio devices

Help please! Grabbed the Jamo S801 power monitors recently to run a RPi with Ropieee into the them via USB input for a small bedroom setup. The DAC inside the speaker seems to not be picking up the RPi and it does not show up in Audio options in Roon. Am I missing something? Why wouldn’t a DAC with USB input see the RPi and report to Roon for an endpoint? The same RPi into my Topping DAC shows up as an endpoint.

Is the RPi showing as an audio device ?

It depends on what info the DAC makes available, if the RPi shows it should play

Eg my DAC is an Audiolab M-DAC , it doesn’t show in Roon just the RPi that feeds it

Maybe @spockfish may comment

Thanks for your response. My RPi only shows in the ‘About’ section so I know it is on the same network. However, it is not showing under ‘Audio’ where all my other devices are showing. It is working properly when I connect to a different DAC in my reference system. The speaker has a DAC inside as you can see in the picture. Not sure what the problem is…

Likely the Jamo dont support Linux. Have you been in contact with their support to confirm it supports Linux as an os and doesnt require specific drivers to run.

That is kind of what I was thinking. Thank you. I will contact them asap…

Also what your running on the pi OS wise? Dietpi or Ropieee? Looked at their website it says Mac/pc and mentions android with a otg cable but no mention of Linux.

I am running Ropieee. I can certainly install a different OS that Roon may pick up with the Jamo. Any suggestions?

It was just a question to see what you are running. If you go to the Ropieee room in audio devices forum section and drop @spockfish a line he might be able to check Ropieee to see if anything shouts out as to why it’s not seeing it. You can send out feedback via Ropieee UI just let him know the number it gives you.

Thank you so much for your help…

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