Help. Roon says I have zero authorizations

Title says it all I returned home from a trip signed out of the room that I used on my laptop while traveling tried to connect my remote to my room rock core at home and was told I had zero authorizations I am a lifetime member and I have no music obviously I’m not very happy about this

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OK you have logic issues in your app guys I do have it working. Only after rebooting the alternate core and finding absolutely no way to sign out or de authorize , I rebooted the remote which now saw, for the first time, two cores and allowed me to deauthorize one. what the heck would I have done if I didn’t have the other computer with the core running? Tons of time wasted

Hi @Just_Me — Apologies for the trouble here! I’m glad you were able to get things up and running. I’ll be sure to pass this along to the team for further investigation. Thanks!

So now that i am awake and on a keyboard I will provide more info. The big problem appeared to be one (or both) of two things:

  1. If the authorized core was not running, it was not presented to be de-authorized
  2. Somehow i got NO list of options except “buy an authorization”

I find this especially irritating because these seemingly minor errors prevent me for using a product, and are there purely for YOUR copy protection. I had a similar problem months ago when i moved and had no internet int he house temporarily. Essentially you have holes and make it my problem. not the intent certainly, but the result.

But for this bug i will underscore, __ no list of cores to de-authorize was initially provided__. Later, after i dug out the travel laptop and launched roon, it did. Only then could i move on. And all i wanted to do was listen to 10 min of music after a long trip before sleep. Mission failed.

Please see the bigger picture than a simple bug… your system is flawed and therefore intrusive.

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Hi @Just_Me,

I have re-opened this thread based on our discussion in the other support thread:

I will let @dylan continue troubleshooting this behavior further with you here.

thank you. I personally think that chasing every little glitch is a losing game, and is not my point. The real answer is to not be so darn restrictive with the license. Let them temporarily overlap, ding the user, and start a counter or something. There are jsut too many ways it can fail - i already hit about 3 of them. They are rare, yes, but they are real, annoying, and violate my rights to use a product i paid for.

My gripe is not the with technical quality nor with support, but with the basic commercial attitude: protect our license at all costs and make any glitches the customer’s problem".

yes, i turn up the contrast, but its actually quite factual.

Appreciate your taking a second look.