Help!Ropieee booting time is up to 10 minutes

Boot time is so long because upgrade checking time is up to 8 min although it’s already newest version. I am in China and 1st time instllation of Ropieee on Pi 4b took almost 1 hour. I only power on Pi before listening music and can not wait for so long time. Can new version have option to disable upgrade checking during booting? BTW, I have chosen stable manually upgrade on GUI, but it still check upgrade during boot

Maybe the great fire wall is killing your speed to Harry’s files and certainly to getting the AWS roon bridge files I bet for sure

It’s faster in European night(China morning). But why not upgrade from web GUI in stead of booting time? Anyway something wrong for design as checking update takes 9 minutes even I choosed manual upgrade. I don’t have VPN to pass big LAN of China

During boot there is no update when set to manual, there’s only a check.
This check is nothing more than a few bytes that are being downloaded, so that has nothing to do with ‘wrong for design’.

If setting manually, can we disable checking update? a few bytes will take 3-10 minutes for me to download in China. Thanks!

I have to use fast booting Celware that can also provide Roon Bridge and NAA, although upnp/DLNA through Qplay has serious stuttering issue. It’s upgraded from web GUI.