HELP! TIDAL album library totally messed up [Collections]


Currently on a Roon trial and loving the sound quality I’m getting with a Rasberry Pi setup as an endpoint. However, one part of the User experience which has really frustrated me is the adding of albums to my TIDAL account during the Roon server install.

Firstly, it should be made very clear this will actually add to your TIDAL account when offering this during install. It can be accidently assumed the albums will just be added to a Roon as a link to TIDAL, not actually modifying ones TIDAL account without clear warning. This is a very precious and familar view to TIDAL users who have carefully favourited albums over the course of their subscription, to then find it’s been polluted with albums I would never listen to.

Now I have tried to delete the albums I don’t want 3 times (over 600 of them, I selected quite a few checkboxes during install) from Roon server but they keep auto-adding back, it is so frustrating. Annoyingly I deleted the tags (don’t ask) which means I can’t sort the albums by tags. So I’ve literally had to sort by date added in the albums view, press CTRL+A to select all and then painstakingly un-check the albums I originally had in my collection. Then when I go back into TIDAL --> Your collection all those albums I just deleted re-add themselves.

Please someone help me on this, I’ve followed the article that’s been suggested in other posts but that didn’t work. It’s really starting to overshadow an otherwise really good experience and one I am close to subscribing too.


Went and re-added the tags, hoping this would allow me to delete the albums. Same problem occured, they just never removed from TIDAL. So I ended up just going via the native TIDAL app and removed the albums manually by un-starring them one by one.

Please somehow address this so other users don’t experience what I just have. It’s an unnecessary taint on an otherwise solid product which really delivers everywhere else.

There was a simple answer in the knowledge base here.

Also a search in the forum for remove tidal would have come up with this quickly.

Do search the forum and the knowledge base when you have any issues they have lots of stuff that can save a lot of time and effort.

Hope this hasn’t marred your Roon experience too much and you are beginning to enjoy it. It works a bit differently to all the me too programs out there and takes a bit of getting used to.

Hi Phil,

As mentioned I did search and came across the article you mentioned and this didn’t sort my problem, the albums kept re-adding back automatically. Hence why I posted here. Un-favouriting the albums from TIDAL was the only way to get my collection back to what it was.

Anyhow it’s all sorted now, I think there is a bug in Roon whereby the albums kept re-appearing but I’m learning it’s foibles and now I know it’s there, it won’t happen to me again. Just felt there could be a nicer way to handle this situation.

Apart from that minor thing I am really enjoying Roon. The end result is the most important thing and this is spot on. The stream my DAC receives is so much better than my previous Airplay source I would recommend it to anyone looking for wireless streaming.