Help to reorder CDs in a multi CDs album

Roon Core Machine

432 Evo Standard fedora build 884
Roon remote build 880 Ipad 15.2

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Melco S100

Connected Audio Devices

Gold note IS-1000

Number of Tracks in Library

3,000 tracks

Description of Issue

tried to assemble under the same roof an album with 2 CDs. was able to merge but the CD2 was taken as CD1 and then the tracks are not in the good order and the album picture is lost.
is there a way after the fact to correct track and picture issue ?
if not can I undo the merge and then try to reassemble the album ?
when assembling the album from 2 CDs how can I reorder the album (was not able to find the … icon described in the documentation)

I’d try that first.

Don’t know if this helps, but if it’s a local copy of the CD, I make a folder, and then one subfolder for each CD under that. I put the tracks for a particular CD in the subfolder for that CD. Roon seems to get the hint just fine. For instance,

    Disk 1/
         01 What is this thing called love?.flac
         02 ...
    Disk 2/
         01 Never let me go.flac
         02 ...

thanks. so I should create one directory per CD within the multisetalbum directory, order the way I like and then copy to the space managed by Roon?

Yes. I think this is even Roon dogma.

Take a look at

I had just this problem with a recent rip of a 2 disc set into my Nucleus.
I followed the help system advice and the detailed solution shown by Bill worked best for me.

The fix track grouping feature under edit album is pretty powerful to resolve those types of issues, albeit a little confusing to use (for me)…

It feels like an orphan from 2002 UI/UX, but once you figure it out it works. I try to resolve 90+% of my issues using tags (at least for local files), so that if I ever have to redo my library it will be zero effort, but there is a tail I’ve had to do with “fix grouping”, and yes it works great.

thanks a lot. worked fine!

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I often use the grouping feature to “fix” Tidal releases to breakup remastered releases into the individual albums. I hate it when they combine many albums into one release so you can’t tell what the original albums names are. It’s a pain then to have to go edit the album artwork as well. I like that Roon let’s us edit some of this data for Tidal stuff.

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