Help using Apple Time Machine as NAS

I am not a technically savvy network person so I was hoping someone could assist me with a few challenges.

I have successfully set up Tidal and am playing back through my Meridian MC200. I am surprised to find that Tidal streams better though your software. So far I am not experiencing the usual cut-outs.

I want to access my HDTracks music which is located in my Apple Time Machine.

I was told that my Time Machine can work as a NAS.

The file path I have is: afp://GHT Time Capsule.afpovertcp.tcp.local/Gordon Taylor’s Time Capsul/My HDTracks Music

This does not work.

I am controlling music with my MacBook Pro running OS 10.10.3. I am connecting to network wirelessly.

Can someone assist me in getting this to work?

You might be better off mounting the drive/folder on Time Machine in which your music is stored on the Desktop of the machine in which you are running Roon. You can also then set this drive to auto mount in the future. That is how I am using Roon with my NAS which is a Synology.

I have a drive of the Synology mounting on boot of my Mac called “Music” which has all my music folders/files.

I am doing this on a Mac Book Pro running 10.10.4. Wireless as well.

AFP is deprecated try a SMB connection.
SMB2 & You: Saying Goodbye to AFP in OS X Mavericks

Sorry - my technical knowledge is limited: how do I set a drive/folder to mount on desktop?

I appreciate your assistance very much.

In a Finder window you should see the Time Machine volume in the sidebar under Shared.

Double click and then enter username and password if required. You may have to choose the Connect As box to get prompted for username and password. Choose to have it remember your password.

Or you in Finder choose Go then choose Connect to server. Paste in the file path you have listed above into the Server Address field . It should prompt you for a username and password and then mount in Finder.

Have it remember your password.

Next go to System Preferences ->Users & Groups

Select your login on the left. Then click the Login items tab.

Locate the drive you have mounted on your Desktop and drag it into the Login Items list.

That is all you need to do. Quit out of everything and reboot to verify it mounted.

If you do not want a Finder Window to open every time you boot your Mac you can choose the Hide Box in login items after you add the drive.

That should do the trick. I am flying a little blind as I have not worked with Time Machine drives too much.

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