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Synology NAS

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Can’t figure out how to enter path to the stored music on the NAS so that Roon will include those files in my Roon Library. Can’t get Add folder or Add network share to accept the path description.

Here is a picture of the network/path:

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Hi Scott,

This Roon FAQ might be of help.

Thanks Daniel.

The folder I am struggling with is on an attached NAS, not on the iMac itself, which hosts Roon Core.

Do I need to take a similar approach to create a shred folder on the iMac for the



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Hi Scott,

This Roon FAQ might be of help.

Roon Labs Help Center

FAQ: How do I create a shared folder on Mac and add it as a watched folder in…

If you want Roon to be able to access your music library that’s stored on your Mac OS device, you need to first ensure that the folder is properly shared. Once the folder is shared it can be added as a watched folder in Roon. Please see the …

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Roon supports SMB - AFP is not supported:

Please setup your NAS accordingly:

I have already turned on SMB. When I try to “map” the network address in Roon using “Add folder” should it simply be a matter of swapping AFP:// for SMB:// ?

Thanks. I believe I have done all that is suggested at this link.

The only progress is that I have slightly different error message:

I am sure I am missing something stupidly simple. /sigh

You might try just using the computer’s IP address instead of the computer name.

Roon does not use AFP. So I’m not sure what the AFPOVERTCP is going to do, as I"m not a Mac guy.

So, you might try based on your pics



What does the nas say it’s name is?.that seems an odd string.


Music folder on my QNAP NAS accessed all Mac or iOS.
Since a router reboot can re-assign IP’s, I set the NAS to use a static IP so I can reliably address it.
Note the direction of the slashes.

Thanks for the tip.

What does the NAS icon represent/how do you include it in path?

I hope my question makes sense.

Tried it. The is the result:

I am pretty sure there are no permission issues as JRMC and dBpoweramp Music Converter were pointed to the NAS directory without incident or the need to enter any credentials.

Can you try it as per @BCBC post with note to direction of the slashes?

He may do but I don’t know why. There seems to be nothing wrong with the path, just not authorized to access the share. SMB 3 support with transport encryption might be active on the NAS?

or in your case \\\music

assuming the IP address is correct and the directory is written all lower case.

Note the direction of the slashes they are backslashes not forward slashes, this is critical.

Then supply the user name and password for your NAS.

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