Help with a couple of basic questions, please

Roon Core Machine

Hi all.

Brand new newbie here, so please be gentle.

So I’ve just installed Roon & it seems to be insisting on flooding the UI with information I don’t need, whilst ignoring all my lovingly crafted tags & file naming. It’s also ignoring my “album artist” category which is vital to my music being sorted how I want it.

Right now, it’s seeing the albums in my fledgling library but giving them names I didn’t give them & sorting them in a very odd way.

For example, I currently have “artist” as the selected sort mode & it’s showing two “various artists” albums followed by two “Alva Noto” albums. Why would it do that?

Also, for one of those albums, it’s not showing the cover art that I have placed in with the album & called “folder”. Why? If, say, I have twenty different versions of the same album in my library (and I do), I’ll need to see twenty different sleeve artworks, created by me, not ones that Roon chooses.

So before I go on to try & figure out why I can’t get the sound to come out of the right place, is there anything I can do to change the way that Roon displays my library for me?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Have a look at this.

Even if you follow the steps here to use you own metadata Roon may not work the way you want it to. Roon has its own way of doing things that does not always suit those who have spent a lot of time curating their own metadata as it seems you have done. Anyway try it and see.

If you are willing to change the way you interact with you music you way want to just give Roon a chance to do it’s thing. It works for many people no saves a lot of time and effort curating metadata and allows for better discovery and recommendations.

Each to his own so try it and see.

In fact, as I sit here, it’s going through & renaming all the albums in my library, which is no use to me at all. One of the things that attracted me to this was that it clearly stated it would not change my library in any way.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try but, as I think you suspect, I won’t be able to manage if it’s going to rename things. Sorry.

It does not change the metadata in your files at all but it builds it’s own database with its own metadata. You can tell Roon to use your metadata if you wish and it will build the database from that.

Yes!! It’s doing it now. This is fantastic news!

No, I didn’t think it was changing any of my data, I just thought it was ignoring it. Thank you.

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