Help with accessing Sooloos data in Roon via Sonic Transporter and USB drive

Like perhaps many people here, I came to Roon after my Sooloos system died. I sent my Control 15 to Meridian for repair, they came back with a ridiculous price to repair it (shouldn’t have broken in the first place), I told them no thanks and they send me a 250MB USB drive containing my Sooloos data. I kept my MS 600 and am now very happy running Roon and Tidal on a Sonic Transporter, through the MS 600, to my amp and speakers, controlled by an iPad Air 2. Now I’m trying to figure out how to access the Sooloos data on the USB drive. The drive is recognized by the Sonic Transporter but I am either (a) not understanding how to tell Roon to look for the USB files or (b) the Sooloos data is not in a format usable by Roon. This is probably best addressed in email with screen shots or by phone but I’m happy to field questions here as well. Many thanks for any help.

Great that HQ gave you your files back.

Ridiculous that they gave you your files back from in only Sooloos format with no advice on what to do with it.

You need a friendly soul with a Sooloos system or load the Sooloos core on a qnap if you have one. Copy the sub-folders from the music2 folder into a new or existing sooloos system.
The system will deal with them and show them in the library.

Use tags and focus to isolate your albums and export them as native files. Then remove files from Sooloos. Add proper format files to your Roon watch folder.

All in all a bit of a faff but doable. Do you have a backup ? If so, that could be another option.

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