Help with adding a different album cover via Roon iPad app

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Windows 10 Core i7, updated core <3 weeks old.

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Description Of Issue
I have an album that is correctly identified as to title and tracks but has no album cover. Using the Roon iOS app, I edit album, go to Edit Album Artwork and a Roon tells me there is none.

It asks for the URL. I copy an image of the album which I assume puts it on the Clipboard, and then I paste as requested, but Roon cannot process the URL.

It gives me this message

Why isn’t it working?
Am I failing to get it on the Clipboard?
If so, how do I get it on the Clipboard?

It would seem far easier to use the same process as here on the forum to add an image as I’ve just done for this post. I just go to my Photo Library and pluck the correct image. Dead easy.

Hi @Echolane,

This is a limitation of Roon when running on tablet devices, so on the iPad it is only possible to add an image by using a URL to that image (which means the source of the image has to be hosted elsewhere).

On Windows and Apple Macs, there Roon support Browse for image and also a Drag and drop option.


PS I believe there are some existing feature requests about improving this functionality.

Thanks for your timely response! I was afraid this might be the case. It is particularly disappointing for me because I have back issues which limit my sitting time to a few minutes, so I live on my iPad for editing… Where can I find feature requests? Is there any way to influence the prioritization of feature requests?

Goto the #roon:feature-requests and then search for “iPad adding image”

By posting your use case in an existing feature request (or if there is not a suitable one create a new topic).

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