Help with adding a second Roon Server to my system

I’ve been using Roon on a general purpose Windows PC for a while and just bought a NUC with Roon Server already installed in it.

How do I locate the new NUC on Roon?
Only my original Roon Server is displayed in setup.

Thanks in advance. Jeff L

Disconnect from your currently used Server to see if / what else is available to you.


I did that and it still only displays the original Roon Server but disconnected.

@Jeff_Lazicki, you mention that Roon was already installed on your NUC. Did you purchase this from another Roon user, and if so, did that Roon user disconnect their account from that NUC, or was Roon on the NUC never associated to an account?

You may have to reset the network on the second-hand ROCK to make it available on your network:

Then you should be able to access the web administration interface:

There you can reset the database and settings if needed.