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After MANY hours of work, I’m almost to the end–I almost have my whole CD library ripped. All those files are tucked nicely onto my music server’s SSD, but they’re also filling up my computer’s hard drive. I need to expunge them from there. So: Time to buy a backup drive.

So, yesterday I went down to B&H, here in NYC, and bought a 4TB WD MyCloud. (Note that this is only for backup; I don’t plan on serving music from here.) Set it up. Started copying my RoonServer library from the music server onto the MyCloud backup drive. And encountered a couple of small problems. There’s only one I don’t now how to deal with though: An unknown number of files didn’t copy because, the warning says, the paths are too long. When this came up during copying, I instructed windows to just skip the ones that were too long–so those files didn’t get backed up. They work just fine on the server, but they don’t copy. This appears to be a problem on about 5% of the many thousands of files on the server. I think I have about 20,000 tracks, so we’re talking about 1,000 filenames.

Any tips on how to locate these? I’ve gotten fairly skilled with mp3tag, so if I can find them, I can fix them.



For mp3tag you could try this suggestion.

Just found it, not saying I am skilled enough to execute :wink:

Long filename

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