Help With Denon 4500 Avr HDMI From Nuc

hi just bought a new denon 4500 avr is it possible to get audio from my nuc hdmi to a hdmi on the denon?
i get sound from the airplay but not through hdmi.
i have the following options in roon settings which are a bit confusing for me

hda intel pch alc283 analogue
hda intel hdmi 0
hda intel hdmi 1
hda intel hdmi 2
hda intel hdmi 3
hda intel hdmi 4
do i need to initiate the hdmi port on the nuc if so how do i do this?

thank youi for any help

What OS are you using with the NUC? Windows? ROCK? Is the Denon connected directly to the NUC via HDMI?

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hi im using rock o/s and hdmi direct from nuc to avr

You should enable the hda intel hdmi 0 channel - that will be the HDMI connection that you should use to connect to your Denon.

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Thanks. From your Control can you navigate to Settings > Audio and share a screenshot of the section “Connected to Core”? Each entry, as set out in your original post, should be Enabled by clinking the blue button and providing a device name.

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do you mean give all the options the same name

No, just the first hdmi 0 channel needs to be enabled and given a name. Here’s an example taken from my NUC running ROCK, which is connected to a Denon 3808…


hi thank you for the screenshot
my bad my input was still on analogue and not hdmi on the denon amp got sound now.
another question can i get dsd through the hdmi what do i need to change in roon audio settings?

thank you

And here’s what I have in the device settings. This is for my Denon 3808, so it might be different for the newer 4500 model. Note that I set the max sample rate to 96 kHz, and explicitly set for 7.1 channels (even though my source material will be stereo or 5.1)

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Nope, no DSD output via HDMI from ROCK to AVR. Roon will transcode to PCM.


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