Help with dropouts needed

I have always had occasional drop outs with Roon but did not think much of it since I was also using Devialet Air which many have been complaining, so I just blamed it on Devialet.

I thought bypassing Devialet Air with the latest Roon would cure the problems but I am still getting dropouts quite consistently, averaging about one dropout per 10 minutes or so.

I also discovered that the dropouts are not confined to playing via the Devialet. I also listen to headphones via my Macbook Air Roon client with Audioquest Dragonfly, frequency of dropouts about the same.

Here is my configuration:

Network - CAT6 GIgabit Ethernet, 8 port Linksys/Cisco switch

Roon Core - Macmini with 8GB RAM, internal SSD drive and external Thunderbolt drives storing music. Library size is huge with 30-40,000 tracks, mix of PCM 44.1, hires and DSD files.

Endpoints - Devialet D440 Pro (Ethernet in) / Audioquest Dragonfly (Macbook Ethernet in)

Remote Playback - late model Macbook Pro with 16GB RAM, SSD drive

Has anyone experienced similar playback problem? Where should I start with the debugging? e.g. Core CPU usage? Network traffic?


Especially if yours is a managed switch, check if it has a Flow Control setting - if does, disable it.

It is not a managed switch, just a basic one


Sorry forgot to notify support

Hi @agentsmith ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us, both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, may I very kindly ask you to please provide me with the following:

  • I see in your setup description that both of your end points (D440 Pro and MBA) are making use of a hardwired connection, how is the Mac Mini hosting your core communicating with your network?

  • During your troubleshooting, have tried mounting the Dragonfly directly to the MacMini to confirm if you are getting dropouts?

  • When you notice these dropouts do you find that certain sample rates produce more than others or would you say this is more of a generalized behavior?


Hi Eric,

  • The Mac Mini is hard wired and on the same Ethernet network

  • I have not tried mounting the Dragonfly directly, the Mini is headless and I stow it away in a store room. I can try but it sometimes take a while for the break to start happening.
    (BTW The dropout usually last for about 1-2 sec before it resumes)

  • I have noticed dropouts in both 16/44.1 PCM and higher res files.

Does the large library have impact on the performance?

Is there anything else I can do to debug? Such as CPU loading or Roon log. (I will need instructions on how to get a log dump.)

are you still importing/analyzing tracks?

No, the library is stabilized. Except occasional import of one or two albums.

I assume you are running latest Roon… if so, just turn on your Mac Mini/start Roon. I’ve sent it a request to upload logs.

We need to determine if this is a CPU issue or a network issue first. You do have a 6 year old Mac Mini – but you do have an SSD. Regardless, playing 44.1khz should easily work on it.

Hi Danny

Thanks. I am in Hong Kong time zone, I will turn it on this evening HK time which should be tomorrow morning your time.

Well, I tried listening tonight via the Dragonfly and Devialet but no drop outs whatsoever. Not sure if the log would show anything.

ok, that tells me network is your issue… tell me about your network setup… switches, cables, routers, etc…

the fact that you are not wifi is a huge plus, but this could be as simple as a faulty cable or switch… it works 99% of the time, but that 1% causes your situation to drop out.

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Thanks, let me gather all the data tonight when i hit home.

Hi @agentsmith ----- Just touching base with you :wink: When you have the information together, drop a flag for support (@support) and we’ll be glad to lend a hand.



Not sure what if I give enough info but here it comes:

My apartment is around 1200 Square feet, and is patched centrally around different rooms using AMP UTP CAT6 Wall plates, I think the in wall cables are AMP CAT6 cables.

The main switch is Cisco SD2008 8-port 10 100 1000 Gigabit Switch

Devices active include:

Directly patched to the main Cisco SD2008

  • QNAP NAS (direct connect)

  • Bedroom: Macmini (Via wall plate, about 40 feet away)

Living Room via an 6-Port TP-Link GIgabit Ethernet Switch: (About 20 feet away from main switch)

  • 2 X TV Set top box box
  • Devialet D440 Pro
  • Logitech Squeezebox Touch (usually idle)

Living Room via an 8 port SE2800 Gigabit Ethernet switch: (About 20 feet away from main switch)

  • Macbok Pro Remote machine
  • 3 X Western Digital NAS (turned off most times)

Cables are CAT6, Hifi components uses Supra shielded CAT6 cables

Question: Did you identify which devices are causing the network problem? I can try switching cables to test


the first test I would do would be to plug the MacMini running Roon Server into the same switch, SE2800, as the Dev 440 and eliminate the SD2008 from the playback chain.

It spec lists Flow Control. Have you turned it off as I suggested at the beginning?

It spec lists Flow Control. Have you turned it off as I suggested at the beginning?

I looked and cannot find a way to change any configuration on the switch. I do not think it is configurable?

the first test I would do would be to plug the Qnap into the same switch, SE2800, as the Dev 440 and eliminate the SD2008 from the playback chain.

The QNAP is not being used for playback. It is just another device on the network for backup.

The Devialet is on a distribution switch since it is sharing one output port with other devices.

If that’s not configurable, I suggest this experiment: Shutdown your Mac Mini (running Roon Core) and (temporarily) move it to direct connect to the TP-Link switch, and directly connect your Roon endpoints to this switch as well. Let the music data flow from Roon Core to your Roon endpoints via the TP-Link switch only, not any Cisco switch.