Help with DSD settings?

Hey. I am using roon im my setup and this works great. I have some questions about dsd settings. My setup is
Roon core (laptop)-sotm sms 200-usb to spdif converter-lm 502 ca dac- amplifier-speaker.
In the settings for the network bridge (sotm sms 200) I can choose dsd 128-512 there is also other optionn for native- dop- etc. What should I choose? And will this improve sound for all tidal files? Ore only master recordings?
I use some dsp functions
Hope someone can help me with this.

I have used DSD to conduct a very crude room correction , based on room size and “the speed of sound” . A simplistic equation that gives 5 variables for input into the ROON , as recommended by Hans Beekayzen (sic)
Also I have up sampled up to 384 KHz -I liked the response