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Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Core downloaded two days ago so must be current build
Windows 10 Professional, Core i7
IPad Air as controller

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Roon Nucleus
Windows Computer > Berkeley Alpha USB > Audio Alchemy DDP-1 & PS-5 Power Supply > Audio Alchemy DMP-1 Roon Ready Media Server > Audiomat Arpege integrated tube amp > Spendor S3/5 speakers
Living Room Stereo (Ethernet)
TV Room Stereo (Ethernet)

Description Of Issue

Just sent my 3 Tb music collection, almost all opera and classical, to Roon. It was originally ripped and processed by the Naim Uniti Core as WAV. UNFORTUNATELY, Naim uses a proprietary version of WAV which is unreadable by Roon. It is also unreadable by SongKong, which I had wrongly counted on to interpret Naim’s otherwise unreadable WAV metadata, because SongKong does not yet support my Uniti Core.That is most unfortunate because my heavily curated music file metadata is rendered unuseable and Roon has less than its usual information to recognize and interpret my music. It has created a LOT of editing for me, almost every single album must be edited. I need some help in understanding Roon so I can do smart editing.

Problem 1: Roon doesn’t add artist data to a majority of my albums. In those cases it uses a category called “Various Artists”. I want to delete this category (or override it with an artist), when I “add an artist”. There are often multiple artists, but “Various Artists” remains as though it is one of the artists. How do I delete that now irrelevant entry?

Problem 2: Roon fails to handle multi-disc albums properly in many cases. It is supposed to combine them under one album cover. But often it displays two identical album covers side by side instead. Occasionally, the additional discs are so widely separated in the display I can’t always find the other discs. How do I edit these albums so they are properly combined?

Problem 3: Is there a field for Conductor? I can’t seem to find it, so I have been adding the conductor as another Artist. Am I missing something here?

Problem 4: Naim has a reduced feature set compared to Roon. Therefore I found it convenient to force the display of my albums in alphabetical order. In order to do that I had to manipulate the Title field. All my music with a composer is edited as follows in the Title field:
Composer surname: Album title (usually the composition)
eg. Puccini: Madame Butterfly
Or Verdi: La Traviata
Or Korngold: Violin Concerto No 1
Alternatively, for albums devoted to an artist I would edit the Title field like this:
Artist First Name Last Name: Album Title
eg: Joan Sutherland: Coloratura Spectacular
or: Gino d’Auri: Flamenco Mystico
For a small minority of my albums, those with more than one composer or more than one artist, I would. edit the title field to display a second artist or a second composer.
The result was an almost perfectly alphabetized collection under “Album Display”.
I would like to continue to use the Title field in this way in Roon. Is there any downside to doing so?

Problem 5:
This is related to Problem 4.
I also have some music in AIFF format and some music in FLAC format contributed from various sources. Frequently the Title field will display this way:
Composer First Name Last Name: Composition
This is in contrast to my convention which uses the composer’s Last Name only. Does Roon have a preference for displaying composer?

What tagging program have you been using to tidy it up so far?

Sorry, I’m a beginner, so my vocabulary might be a little limited. What is a tagging program?

Sorry. You said every album needs to be edited, what have you been using to do that?

I am using the Roon app on my iPad. Also can edit on my desktop.


I am afraid that I don’t have any suggestions for you myself. However, I would recommend that you submit your post on the Naim Audio Community forum as well.

Very many members in the Naim Community forum (possibly up to nearly 50%) use Roon, and many of those will have faced exactly the same sort of issues that you have come across. They may well be better placed to provide you with ideas and suggestions than those on the Roon Community forum.

There are 3rd party editors such as mp3tag that allow you to apply changes to whole directories, apply rules etc to shorten the process.

Hi @Echolane,

Can you share a screenshot of one example of this?

For best results with multi-disc sets, we recommend that you follow the guidelines here:

You can learn more about our Conductor credit roles here:

Under Settings > Library > Import Settings you can choose to prefer titles from your files rather than Roon’s data. While this is possible, there are many ways to sort and filter your albums in Roon, so this might not be necessary for you if you’d like to try some of the alternative methods in Roon!

Generally, any issues you are seeing in Roon, if you can share some screenshots showing what you’re seeing we can help get things sorted out for you. As mentioned above, having file tag data will definitely help Roon identify your albums and will allow us to provide the best data.


Here is an example of an entry where the title is a mess. It should be

Rossini: L’Assedio Di Corinto

It is also an example of the “Various Artists” problem

I edited it by adding the pertinent artists, but “Various Artists” remains. I’d like to get rid of that designation. Here’s an example of the edited result.

I did not edit the title because the recording includes a second and a third disc. They have not been included, so when I do locate thrm (they are not shown next to the album in the album display) I want to be able to merge the two other discs and at the point make the title change.

Thank for referring me to instructions that would fit under normal conditions, but as I explained my music files were created by Naim and Naim has used a proprietary form of WAV. That means my music files essentially have no metadata. What I need now is a method to edit in the two other discs using the Roon editor. Surely there is a way to do this?

I can easily edit in Thomas Schippers, the Conductor of this opera as another one of the artists, but I always thought there was a designated data field for Conductor. I can’t seem to find it as an editable field in my Roon iOS app. Can you suggest where I can find it?

Oh how I wish I could use my metadata!! It is virtually perfect and if I could have got Roon to recognize it you wouldn’t be hearing anything from me, but unfortunately Roon can’t recognize ANY of my metadata. As I’ve explained, Naim uses its own proprietary version of WAV and the result is Roon can’t read it. It’s useless. That leaves me with an enormous editing problem, 3 terabytes of music files with very little metadata. I’d like to edit it properly so I don’t have to do it again.

Will Roon be compromised in any way if I continue to add composer to the title? For example Beethoven wrote an opera called Fidelio. Presumably, Roon would put Fidelio in the Title field and Beethoven in the Conductor field (which I can’t seem to find). I’d prefer to continue with my own method, which puts the composer in the title field with the title of the composition. Like this:
Beethoven: Fidelio
Is that going to be a problem for Roon?

Have you thought of converting the WAV to FLAC big job i appreciate . You will get better Tag management. And be more standard

You should be able to do it in bulk

Then Songkong might help automate everything ?

I would post over in the naim forums where there are quite a few people who have done the swap.
The main core was always a bad proprietary idea and continues to cause problems many years later.

You’re posting from your iPhone again? I suspect “main core” should be “Naim Core”…

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Do you try and manually identify your albums in Roon as a first step before diving in and editing the metadata? It might help save you a lot of effort…

You r Wright flopping phonographs automagically transmutating.

Hi @Echolane,

As suggested above, having some good tags in your files could definitely help the identification process in Roon and will allow you to have good data regardless of identification as well. Converting the files and then tagging with something like Song Kong is definitely a good option for doing this.

This won’t negatively affect Roon, but I will also say that it would be good to have composer data outside of just the title for the best experience.

Whilst Naim uses a proprietary format for Wav, all metadata can these days be stored in Wavs and I believe that metadata can be read by Roon so you dont need to convert from Wav to Flac before using SongKong, just use SongKong on the wav files themselves

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