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I’m trying to set-up my new Nucleus and I believe I need to format the internal drive by accessing the nucleus web administration interface by going to Settings > set-up > Configure Roon OS Devices but when I go there there is no such option. I’m very confused, does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

I bought the nucleus with the internal drive installed. Is it already formatted? How do I know? Cannot get to the web interface. With a unit in this price range, would it be to much to ask for you to have to include more info such as “ you need to format the hard drive by going to the following web url” or “ the drive is already formatted “. By not including more info you totally ruin the whole experience. And yes I did read your online support manual and followed all set-up instructions exactly and by doing that it’s led me to believe that I need to format the drive before transferring my library to it or I will have problems.

One item of note here is that you should not transfer your library to the internal drive that has the Roon OS on it.

If your Nucleus has two internal drives, then the second one can be used for your library.

If it only has one internal drive then the recommendation is to add say a USB external drive to transfer your library to.

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I did install the Roon OS on the internal drive and currently have my library on a usb external drive so I will leave as is. It’s working fine. Thank you for the info Kevin.

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Sounds good!
That’s exactly how my Rock is set up with a 4tb external USB HDD drive and works perfectly.
Now enjoy your music!

Thank you for the screenshots, was able to verify that the internal drive is formatted.

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Hi @Len-ski

I’ve updated our documentation to better reflect the updated process. Just wanted to check in and confirm that everything is working for you now. Thanks!

Yes, everything is working great with my library on an external drive and roon OS installed on internal drive. Now I am trying to figure out how to do a backup. From what I know, I should not back up to the same drive that my library is on or the drive Roon OS is on. I am using the 2nd usb port to my oppo 205 so I cannot connect a second usb external hard drive. Trying to backup to windows or Mac computer but not getting file path right. Ready to give up.

Hey @Len-ski,

It’s been a while since your last post - we were wondering, did things work out in the end, or did you end up having to give up? :thinking: :nerd_face:

Ended up backing up to the same drive as my library is on but to a different folder. Backups appear to be fine but I guess I won’t know unless I have to restore from one. Hopefully that never happens.

If you mean the default location for music on the Nucleus, that is specified in Settings==>Storage, I got my hand slapped for suggesting the same thing because Roon will scan all those little backup files when it scans for new music. Which, I guess, is not a good thing.

How I handle the problem -

In Settings==>Storage

Then, in Settings==>Backup

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Sorry for not being more specific. I have Roon OS installed on nucleus internal drive with nothing else on the that drive. I have my library ( my own files) installed on a specific folder on an external hard drive and I have Roon backup in a different folder on that same external drive as my library. In Roon settings, I have directed Roon to watch the specific folder the my music files are in and not the whole external hard drive. So I don’t understand why I shouldn’t have Roon backup on the same external drive in a different folder. Roon should not scan that backup folder. It’s not directed to. Am I wrong?

To be more specific, I did not put the Roon backup folder inside the library folder.

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Hey @Len-ski,

Thanks so much for the update! I believe you are right - as long as your backup isn’t stored in a watched folder (that Roon is analyzing and importing music from), you should be all set with having the backup stored on the same drive.

@xxx’s point is very true in this case :nerd_face: . Thanks for chiming in!

If I were to take it a step forward, you might consider having backups in more than one location (just in case your drive fails).

Everyone tends to have their own backup strategy, but the main thing to consider is far back you are keeping your backups so, in the unfortunate event that your drive would fail, you have backups stored elsewhere.

For example, I have two types of recurring backups:

  • A monthly backup that I keep 12 of, meaning I effectively have backups that date back an entire year
  • A weekly backup that I keep 4 of, meaning I have a months worth of more frequent backups

That might be a little much :sweat_smile: Ultimately the backup strategy is up to you, but making sure that you have backups that go back a little ways can always be helpful!

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Thank you Rebeka for the info. It’s nice to know that I have it setup properly. I’ve really been enjoying my new Nucleus. I could swear there’s been a sound quality improvement having my Oppo 205 connected directly usb to nucleus. My old setup was i5 sonictransporter Ethernet and microrendu usb to Oppo 205. I am also now getting full mqa unfold where before I was only getting first mqa unfold from the Oppo 205. I’m very happy with my new setup.


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