Help with integrating subwoofers


I’d really appreciate this forums advice as I’m a bit overwhelmed with all this atm.

Let me start by saying that (if I have to buy something) my hardware budget is USD$700 max but I’d prefer to not spend too much more.

My current setup:

NUC running Roon ROCK (doing volume levelling)
MiniDSP SHD (volume, x-over, room correction)
2 x Valvet A1r monoblock power amps to Salk Songtowers
2 x SVS 3000 subs

Before the SHD I really liked the sound when I upsampled to DSD, so I wouldn’t mind getting DSD back to my Songtowers for music. I’d like to play about with MUSE DSP, digital crossover, volume and room correction.

So I’ll come out and ask it should I just use two USB DACs (with different clocks), one DAC for mains and the other DAC for subs and group the two into one zone, I read that “overall the approach is OK for sub/bass filtering as 1ms is 1/10th of the wave length at 100Hz”. I might want to look at HQPlayer in the future, not sure, could HQPlayer be one of the grouped endpointd and the other endpoint just a RAAT one, can I add delay to a one endpoint in a zone?

I mean I could get a Topping DM7 but it seems like a waste and now is not the time for me to spend $600 if I don’t have to.

Some further info:

It’s pointless sending DSD to the subs as I believe they have an internal ADC, DSP & DAC, it also adds latency. I don’t want to connect the mains to the subs because I don’t want multiple conversion steps.

Some of the potentially relevant items in my “spares” bin:

Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 DAC
Korg DS-DAC-10R
Schiit Saga

I’m an “IT guy” and so I have lots of servers, workstations, SBC’s and peripherals up the yazoo, so no worries there. I’m very happy in Linux and I have no problem with SMT soldering. I also have various old amps and speakers.

So what would you do?


Why aren’t you considering using the sub analog outs on your MiniDSP?

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Then don’t.

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I’m not sure what you mean, the SHD is currently doing crossover to the subs, the SHD doesn’t do DSD (so it will be replaced if I can find a satisfactory solution for the subs), the SHD works at 96khz PCM internally?

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

If you want to continue using DSP for things like crossovers and room correction I see no point worrying about DSD since devices like the miniDSP are going to require PCM to do their work anyway. Just use Roon to convert any DSD content you may have to PCM and be done with it.

Otherwise, If you must also have DSD you might be able to put something together with Roon, HQPlayer and a DM7 with Roon bridge (or whatever HQP would need here) in front of it but that’s probably a question for the HQPlayer section.

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Hi Richard
DSP, Muse and DSD are generally mutually exclusive as no changes can be made without first converting the DSD to PCM for ongoing processing.

You might want to investigate HQPlayer if you have not already

Oh, that wasn’t clear, and the specs from the device didn’t make that clear either. But what I was saying is that you have four RCA outputs on the back of that device, and one set of them could go to your subs while you could use the other to go into your power amp.

But per @Michael_Harris , your whole strategy of using DSP will get screwy if you want to maintain DSD integrity. The entire point of DSD is to keep it pure from end to end; if you convert to PCM because you want DSP, then you are best keeping your data chain in PCM from that point forward to your output.