Help with learning to download new music

New to digital music. I have been using Roon and streaming tidal. Now want to download and store music. I have downloaded an album, and it’s a zip file. Can someone walk me through the steps to get unzipped into the preferred file type, file folder, and how to play in Roon,


Hi Gary,
Where did you download your album from? Are using a PC or Mac?

Thanks for taking an interest is assisting me!

File downloaded from “”,

I’m on a Windows machine

There are several available utility files that can “unzip” a zipped file. I’ve always had good luck with They have a trial version available on their website.

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What version of Windows are you using? Starting with Windows 7, there’s built-in support for zip files.

Thanks for the advice. This is a new laptop, for this purpose, and I didn’t realize there was not a zip program already on it.

I downloaded the program as you suggested and have already added a couple albums!

Thanks again.

Thanks for commenting! I had the sales person delete all the junk that comes on new computers these days, didn’t realize or think to look for an unzip program. Stupid me.


Better use 7zip. It’s free, and supports more formats than winzip.

If you have a new laptop, I presume it’s windows 10 which means zip support is built in. You can click on a zip file and it will open like a normal folder. You can move things out the same way. Or if you right click on the zip file, you’ll get options for extracting everything at once. No need to install anything.

But if you do want to install something, I’ll second the recommendation for 7zip. I have it installed because it can handle a wide variety of files, including stuff created on linux/unix. But I still use the built-in support for zip files.

@Gary_Nelson have you tried double clicking the zip file and seeing what happens? It may just unzip! If not, you will need to install a program to do it. Then, copy or move the folder/directory containing the music files into your “Roon watched folder”. Roon should pickup that something has changed, and automatically add the songs to your library.