Help with my obviously not optimal set up

This is my set up. Dell XPS Core I7 2670 cpu. The Roon core is running on this laptop. Im using a Dell Inspiron, also running a Core I7 as an end point. USB connected to a Peachtree Nova 300 Integrated amp. My library is contained on a Western Digital 4 TB NAS HDD. Here’s my problem, at seemingly random times the Roon software will fail at about 4-6 seconds into the playback of any track. The format of the track doesn’t seem to matter. DSD files any speed, flack files at any bit rate. On occasion I can reboot the core pc, the end point pc, the gigabit switch, and the HHD to get the system to playback properly. Most of the time however I have to go thru an absurd power on power off, reboot sequence that makes no sense. I’m looking for the best value network audio bridge to eliminate the Inspirion from the signal path but Id really like to know what the issue is with my current set up.

That sounds like the network choking. Is any part of your signal path over WiFi?


what is the network setup and is there any chance that the NAS is going into sleep or standby mode?

This does sound like a network problem. More details are needed to help there.
You may also find some helpful ideas here in the KnowledgeBase.

For the Dell Inspiron you are using as an endpoint, what Roon program are you running? A full version of Roon or RoonBridge? If it’s used as an endpoint only, you only need to run RoonBridge. There is a lot less going on in RoonBridge than Roon, so there is less to go wrong.
To answer your second question, there are a ton of endpoint solutions out there, across a wide range of prices. I built an endpoint this weekend that was a Raspberry Pi 3B+ board, HifiBerry Digi+Pro and a metal case. Output is SPDIF (Optical) and its running Ropieee RoonBridge. Works great. ~$130

Tnx for response. Everything is hard wired.

I would suspect the nas. Can you temporarily attach a usb drive to your core pc, copy your files over, and play them from there to see if you still have a problem?

I suggest you move this to the #support category since something isn’t right and maybe diagnostics needs enabling. If you’re not sure how to do this let me know and I’ll flag this with the moderators.

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Hi @Raymond_Mathews.

Thanks for reaching out to us and thanks for moving this over to the #support category @xxx.

As others have mentioned, we should try eliminating some variables from the equation, a few good tests would be:


Does this same behavior occur for other zones as well, or is the issue limited just to the Peachtree? If you don’t have any other zones, using “System Output” would give us a good data point as well.


We have a list with a few routers that need special settings applied in our Networking Best Practices Guide. Can you please let me know the model/manufacturer of all your networking gear and if it is by any chance on this list?

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