Help with my setup please

Hello all,

I’ve been breaking my head for months over how to work my setup and with the new release thought I’d drop by the forum to ask some advice.

Currently I’ve got a Linn DSM (which I use as a DS…so the amp isn’t in use) through my beloved Accuphase E-205 which is connected to a pair of Harbeth speakers. I have Roon Core setup on my macbook air which is less than ideal for a number of reasons and which I’d like to replace. My Linn is connected to a Synology DS115 which contains my music library.

My plan at the moment is to set up a new system in my dining/kitchen area. I’ve got some old B&W speakers I’ll use for a little while and then I’ll have the choice to either hook them up with my Linn and buy a new RoonReady DAC to go with the Accuphase or go for an entirely new amp & DAC or all-in-one to go in the kitchen/dining room. I defintiely don’t want another Linn as I’m not entirely happy with it for various reasons. I would really like to group both zones when I want to fill the downstairs with music (ie a party) but I’m given to understand that the zones must be of the same type so as I understand it, if I use the Linn in the K/DR than I would either need a compatible device such as a Linn in the LR or I’d need to connect a NUC or other such device to the Linn so that Roon could be grouped with the LR setup.

Ultimately what I want is to move the Core to a device which can handle both Roon and internet TV (basically we want to access Netflix, Amazon, and HBO on the TV). So I thought to buy a NUC and use that as a headless server of sorts but I’m not sure if it’ll work well for our purposes…perhaps I’d be asking too much of it. Likewise I’m not wildly technical, I can easily figure out the most basic stuff and sometimes some more complicated things with a lot of effort, so I’m concerned that a NUC will do my head in.

I wondered if anyone had any advice regarding how to set up a NUC to do what I’m thinking about or even some better suggestions for a device to do the heavy lifting.

Likewise I’m a bit at a loss on the best way (ie needing to buy the fewest new devices) to set up my various rooms/zones using as much as possible the equipment I already own so if anyone has ideas that I haven’t thought of than I’m entirely open to them.

Thanks everyone for all the great information that’s posted here and to the Roon team for their incredible work!

The new Intel skull canyon nuc will suit your purposes

Thanks Daniel! I’ll look into it

Hey bean,

It hard to give options for your situation because there are just so damn many. :grinning:

You did mention using your setup to watch internet tv. One thing you might consider is a Mac Mini. They work great as a RoonServer and you can also load Roon Remote on it as well. It has an HDMI output that you could connect to your tv. So, you could launch the Internet, Netflix etc on it for tv and you could also control Roon from the Mini or another remote.

Some audiophiles hesitate to have computers so close to their dacs and audio equipment, but my friend has this setup and it works great for him.

Cheers, Greg

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Yes, too many! That’s the problem I’m really having…I just get lost in it all :slight_smile: The Mac Mini was my original idea and I can’t even remember right now why I discarded it but I’m glad you reminded me. i think the most salient problem I’m trying to work through is how to continue using the Linn without buying another and still make linkable zones between the living room and dining room. I’m thinking about selling the Linn in the end if I can’t find a workable solution.

+1 on the MacMini. It’s very versatile. Besides being an excellent Roon Core/Server/Remote, you can do everything else because it’s a full-fledged Mac.

I use mine to stream Netflix, Amazon, Tidal, etc. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse and sit 8 feet from that 60" screen fed from the MacMini’s HDMI port. When Roon is on, the audio out goes to my DAC via USB and the info display on the screen is, well, yuge.

Sure, you can spiff it up with a host of noise reduction add-ons but try it first right out of the box. It may be all you need. And if it isn’t, there will be plenty who will take it off your hands at a minimal net cost to you.

Good luck.

Unless the Linn becomes RoonReady, it seems to be wasted in your system.

How do you get Roon music playing through the Linn currently?

Cheers, Greg

Yeah, I think so too. I bought it literally a few weeks before I discovered Roon. As of the latest release with RAAT architecture, I use Songcast and I’m pleased enough with the result that I started reconsidering whether to sell it or not. But ultimately it’s overkill for what I’m asking from it and I prefer the sound from my Accuphase so strongly that I am pretty convinced it’s not the right system for me. ::sigh::