Help with my setup with my particular equipment

I would like to talk with a @support tech to help me setup, phone would be preferable.

I can’t access my files.

John Lake

There is no phone or email support. This forum is it and is more than sufficient as many people, in addition to support, will try to help you.

Before anyone can help, you’ll need to supply more info as detailed here -

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Hello @John_Lake,

As @xxx mentioned, we do not offer phone support but we would be more than happy to assist you right here on the Community website.

When we resolve issues on Community, it ensures that our entire team has access to the discussion and can weigh in as needed. This means that not only can our support team contribute, but so can our QA team, developers, and senior staff.

We’re going to make sure we get this working for you but would it be possible to clarify a bit on your issue using the thread that Slim mentioned? Where are your files located? Is the storage location a Hard Drive, NAS or USB? Have you taken a look at our importing music Knowledge Base article yet?

Just let me know this info when possible and I’d be happy to take a look!

– Noris

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