Help with new software

Hi. I’ve downloaded the new software version in both my Iphone (running iOS 14.3) and my PC (running windows 10) and I’m getting all kinds of errors. Can anybody help please? Thanks. @supportteam

Hi @Franco_Agopyan,

Can you elaborate on the kind of errors you’re seeing? What are you doing when you see errors? Is this happening on all devices?

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Thanks Dylan. So 1) on my pc I cannot see my settings (I can see them on the iPhone), 2) my Nucleus appears as an audio output and I don’t see my Naim light, 3) at times I don’t see my library, 4) Roon Radio does not work, etc

Also I don’t see all albums from Tidal and Qobuz when i look at an artist but only my library (?)

Hi @Franco_Agopyan ,

Can you please use these instructions to upload a set of your Roon Core logs for review? Any questions accessing or uploading just let us know, thanks!

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