Help with Node2 signal path

Hi all - just got a Node2 and when using it as an endpoint, it looks like MQA is not in the final output. Looking at the signal path, I see MQA decoding and rendering, but the final output shows a blue dot. It should be purple, right? Here’s a couple screenshots of the path – any ideas?29%20AM|426x500

Here’s the lower portion of the path…

Its showing 96 in the node renderer, which correct for mqa file. Looks correct to me - I use 2 Node2s for endpoints and they show exactly as yours. Mine feed to separate dacs which confirm MQA is being recieved.

Is the display the only reason you think mqa isnt coming through?

Yes… the color dots have me confused because I thought it had to be purple to confirm MQA.

I figured it out – I had Headroom Enabled in DSP management. When I disabled it, the blue light turned purple.

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