Help with Ropieee

Hello everyone,

This is my first post on Roon forum.

I have used Roon since several month now and I want to try Ropieee on a Pi3 that a friend lend me. I use some DAC USB on it as E1DA 9038S or Lotoo S1. I use also a power bank to be more power free.
It’s working very good. But I have several (newbies) questions.

  • Is a Pi3 is enough for Roon or a Pi4 will be better (for what I don’t know)?
  • Will it be other screen supported in the future? For me and my use, the 7" is too big. I want more a portable thing (and it is sad that Roon Android app has the android limitation…)
  • The wifi transmission between the computer (with Roon core) and the Pi3 is without any loss of quality?

Thanks for yours answers


  1. a Pi 3 is enough from a perfomance perpsective. However, the Pi 3 has some architectural limitations (USB / ethernet bus), so “in general” a Pi 4 is better.
  2. that’s not planned right now.
  3. yes. it’s binary: either it works, or it won’t. And if it works you have the same result when using cable.


This is my portable unit using a RPi4 with a Dragonfly Cobalt DAC. It is mounted in a Smarti Pi case with a 7 inch screen and is battery powered. I think the RPi4 might have better WIFI capability. I use mine with Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones and it sounds great.


yes i have two possibility. A Pi without a screen and use my phone as a remote or the 7’ screen.

Spockfish, what ram do you suggest for the pi4 ? 2, 4 or 8 gb ?

I see Jim, great build. If i buy a screen, i will do the same.


2 gb is enough.

Here’s my RPi4 in a FLIRC case. I used 2GB RPi4’s for both of mine.

The pi4 doesnt over heat ? I remember it was a problem on pi4 for retrogaming use.

And i guess the pi zero is not too powerful for ropieee ?


I now put heat sinks on my Pi 4 devices and a nice Flirc cases as mentioned above as they look good as well. I tried a fan but I could hear it and that annoyed me so just the heat sinks in the end.


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I have two Pi4’s running Ropieee. They run at 41°C and 55°C respectively i.e. 20-35°C over ambient. Cooler Pi is in an Argon Neo aluminium casing where the casing acts as a heatsink. Warmer of the two is equipped with a HifiBerry Digi+ Pro HAT in a HifiBerry steel casing with no additional cooling whatsoever.
Pi4 running hot is less of an issue (runs 10°C cooler) since latest Raspberry firmware updates. Also Ropieee is not as CPU intensive as some other applications might be.

This exchange made me paranoid enough that I ordered some heat sinks with thermal tape for my DigiOne Signature setup. If my Shanti PSU ever decides to show up (thanks DeJoy) my Pi will be running 24/7. :sweat_smile:

One of my RPi4’s runs 24/7/365. It’s the one is a FLIRC case connected by ethernet to router and USB to Meridian Prime. It’s running RoPieeeXL and works great.

Perfect. That’s what I’m using. Glad to hear it’s running smoothly for you.

The Pi Zero is not powerful enough (or to be more precise: it’s single core and that has serious disadvantages wrt distributing load).

Thanks for your answer.
A friend could send to me a pi3 with an Hifiberry digi card for optical and coaxial output.
Ropieee could use this card ?
Thanks and merry christmas

Yep, that would work perfectly.

Hi Harry - will the new Pi Zero 2 W work with Ropieee? It uses the RPI 3 system-on-chip.

Not right now, but soon.

Would be great.
I already imaginé this pi zéro with a portable battery and an USB dac dongle for a portable solution at home.