Help with RopieeeXL and Qobuz

Hi all,

I am looking for help with Qobuz to RopieeeXL. I believe I may have a fundamental misunderstanding of DLNA after using more modern protocols.

I am trying to use RopieeeXL to stream Spotify (via Spotify Connect) and Qobuz (via DLNA).

I have installed RopieeeXL. Spotify Connect is working as expected.

When I go to the Qobuz Audio Options, I see my usual internals, I see my few Chromecasts, but nothing about the Ropieee. I have tried BubbleuPNP on Android, and this works.

What am I missing here? Do I need a server? I was hoping to use the Qobuz Windows app and be able to send to the RopieeeXL. I am hoping to not use a 3rd party software, because I quite like the Qobuz Windows App.

I my take is:
RopieeeXL is my DLNA Renderer and working ok
I want to use Qobuz Windows App as a Controller
Do I need a server or something else in the middle?

Hello, I know I am late.
I don’t no the windows version but sadly all native Qobuz apps can only stream to chromecast devices. And unfortunately chromecast is not implemented into ropieeexl.