Help with selecting a zone

I replaced a Linear Power Supply and now cannot find the right Zone to link to. It keeps want me to select my TV.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?


In what device did you replace the LPS?

What audio device are you looking for?

How are they all connect, etc. etc.?


Well the LPS powers 3 components for me First it powers my MAC Mini with 12VDC, then powers my USB to XLR Bridge with 5VDC and also powers the power side of my Input Signal to my Bridge At the moment Roon thinks I want connect my TV to Roon Maybe I can just power off my TV to get my desired choice to appear again on the Roon Software?

Hey Carl,

I resolved it by “Enabling” my Pre Amp….It’s just that that’s not how it was……I get too hung up on labels…It’s working now ….maybe I should not even say this out loud …but is it possible to hear a difference ? Ya know between LPSes??? …its the same mfg’er just newer version…This bad boy is bigger and heavier than the one it replaces…hell I don’t know….it just sounds great ….I should be happy with that…

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