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Can I set up a Simaudio Moon Neo Ace wirelessly?

I’ve set up the roon core on a macbook air and all of my music is available. I just want to know how to connect to the DAC of the Moon. Must this be done via USB?

Hi Brian,

Roon doesn’t support UPnP/DLNA. In order to stream over a network Roon needs to see a Roon Ready, Roon Bridge, Meridian, AirPlay or Squeezebox device. With 1.3 Roon will also support Sonos.

The Moon ACE is not Roon Ready. You might like to ask Moon about their plans to become Roon Ready, Roon is very open to working with manufacturers in that regard.

You could stream over the network to a small device running Roon Bridge that connects by USB to the Moon ACE. Such devices include the Sonore SonicOrbitor and microRendu. You can also use a Raspberry Pi, CuBox or other similar small computing device to do the same. Some of these can also do Wi-Fi.

You can connect directly from the MacBook by USB, SPDIF (RCA) or Toslink. You might do that initially to try out things and then look at a Roon Bridge device and a dedicated Core to free up the MacBook as a mobile Control.

Hi. I’ve purchased the sonictransporter and microrendu combo. They should arrive this weekend and right now my question surrounds the trial period. I believe the new units come w a 60 day trial and I’m pretty much paused until the units arrive.

I also assume I’ll need to re-setup from scratch once I start using the sonic as my core.

How do I handle this current aborted trial?

Drop a PM to @kevin with the details, and he’ll make sure you’re all set.


I started a free trial and have now been informed that I should purchase a sonic Transporter and Micro Rendu unit. I’ve ordered them and they should arrive this weekend. It’s my understanding that I will have to start my set up from scratch and also the new unit comes with a 60 day free trial of Roon. Obviously I’m committed to seeing Roon through as I’ve just dropped over $1k on more equipment that I didn’t know I’d need.

I was hopeful that you can either switch my trial over to the 60 day term or simply pause/cancel this trial and i’ll start fresh when the next units arrive (USPS says Saturday).



Hi @brian_byer, I just canceled your membership while you wait for your new gear. When it all comes in, you can redeem your 60-day trial at the following link:


Hi Andy. I received and set up the sonicore and micro rendu units today. Can you please explain to me why Roon seeems to stop recognizing the path at the microrendu and isn’t recognizing the moon ace as the dac. It’s playing but at 44.1 instead of FLAC.


Hi Bryan,

The signal path in Roon ends at the endpoint or Output, which in this case is the microRendu. That’s entirely usual and isn’t an error condition. I think it’s because the Output is the last thing that reports back to the Core by RAAT. One of the things it can report is what it is hooked up to, but this doesn’t appear in the signal chain, it may affect the graphic that is displayed for the Zone.

FLAC is a lossless compression protocol and FLAC files can come in various resolutions including 44.1. The Roon signal path reports the resolution of the file, which could be a FLAC file or some other format.


It’s simply not working correctly. 44.1 is great but it’s wrong. I’m playing FLAC files that should read as such on my Moon Ace, instead they are being downs sampled. If that weren’t enough, now Roon isn’t even finding the MicroRendu and I can play nothing.

Is there someone I can call?

Hi @brian_byer – could you post the details of your setup and especially your network, as described here?

It would be great if you could also post a screenshot of your Signal Path, as shown at the page I linked, then I’m sure we can get this working for you. Thanks!

Describe Your Setup
Tell us about your setup when reporting an issue. If you’re already running Roon (or trying to run Roon and having an issue), be sure to let us know:
• what version of Roon you are running: Roon 1.2 built 165 64 bit
• What operating system you are running: Roon Core is on Sonicore with remote device on Macbook Pro and Ipad Mini 2
• Basic information about the device you’re using: Sonictransporter with a Microrendu Ethernet to USB running into a Moon ACE
• Describe where your music is stored – this includes hard drive description and interface type (Buffalo NAS & Tidal)
• Let us know your collection size (approximate 20k)
Describe The Issue
(if you’re having a specific issue or crash)
In looking at my system settings – Both the Sonicore and Macbook Pro are running the same version of Roon (1.2 built 165 64 bit) is this correct?

Roon is no longer finding the Microrendu unit and isn’t able to play music.

My network consists of Eero wifi with the 2 downstairs units hardwired together with Ethernet cat 6. The Eero unit in my music room is output into a 5 port gigabit switch with the music related devices plugged into the switch.

You’re able to log in to the microRendu’s web configuration? And you’re sure Roon Ready is active right?

Quick question. Should a Chord Mojo show at the end of the signal chain? It’s a ROON USB tested device but I either get OS output or Core Audio listed. Either way the sound quality is not very good.

Hi @Brian_Smith — The reason you are not seeing the Chord Mojo at the end of the signal path is because it is mounted directly to your core via USB. If this were a RoonReady endpoint (which is accessed via your network) you would then be seeing the device listed at the end of the signal path.


Thanks for the help, I love the software but haven’t found the sound to be as good as others. Sound most important then user interface/software second. I don’t think I missed anything.

The music seems to lack “meat on the bones” dynamic punch and range. I find this on all music and sample rates. 16/44.1 is my most common native resolution. Volume leveling is not on I have it set to fixed volume/exclusive mode with option to set to max vol on in menu. I saw where the gain can be increased on the EQ that I don’t use. I increased and didn’t find that a suitable solution to the issue.

Besides the Eq and gain I don’t see anything else. Am I missing something?

Hi @Brian_Smith — Unfortunately, without being in front of your setup it will be hard for me to conceptualize what the sound of your setup is “lacking”, sonically speaking. However, if you can please provide me with the following formation I am sure we can try to figure what is going on here :sunglasses:

  1. Screenshots of…
  • Your signal path leaving Roon when you are making this observation.

  • The “playback” settings you are using with the Mojo, when this observation is being made. You can find this information by going into “settings”, “audio”, clicking the gear next to the mentioned audio zone (i.e the Mojo), and selecting “device setup”.

  • The DSP engine window highlighting the settings being used.

  1. You mention that the sound is lacking, “dynamic punch and range”, are you noticing this with all of your endpoints OR just when listening via the Mojo?


I tried simple path lossless native no dsd, dsd and upsampling but nothing makes mich if any difference.

I’m trying Amarra and it’s similar in sound with a little more body to the music.

My trial with Audionirva expired but I remember the music being more alive so I bought the license and love the sound compared to both ROON and Amarra. My decision has been made unfortunately. I love the interface but my music library isn’t that large to justify paying for both ROON and Audionirva.