Help with showing just my genres

Hi guys. I want to do something pretty simply…just have Roon show my genres. From searching the forums it looks like I need to do two things:

Turn off “Show Roon Genres”
Turn on “Show Genres from File Tags”

When I do this 46 genres are listed. The problem is I only have 15 genres. Another problem is that some of my genres are missing. For example, Indie Pop is not listed. I can of course find it if I search for an artist I know is in that genre. That artist however is also listed under a bunch of other genres that I assume Roon has provided.

I thought that if I turn off Show Roon Genres only mine show up??

Roon not only grabs your Genre file tags, it also grabs your Style tags as genre.

I would check your file tags for an album that has a genre you don’t recognize and see if there are Style entries.

Cheers, Greg

Thank you Greg. I just ran across that thread talking about Styles. However, that does not explain why genres are missing though in the Genre view. I can see Indie Pop associated with an artist though.

Also, I think it would be good option to turn off reading from Styles or have that be a separate category separate from Genre.

Re: Indie Pop

Go into Settings > Setup > Genre Mapping > Edit

Here is a list of your Genres from your tags on the left. Roon will try and match them to a current Roon Genre. See if you can see Indie Pop on the left and if it’s associated with a Roon Genre.

Maybe add your Style request in Feature Request forum.

Cheers, Greg

Edit: there is a Genre called Indie Pop, so it should show.

Edit2: if you click on the Genre circle, it’s under Pop/Rock > Alternative/Indie Rock

Are you able to find the genre if you search for Indie Pop?

Thank you Greg. So here is where I am confused. If I turn off Show Roon Genres why does Roon still try to match my genre?

Anyway, I see in Genre Mapping that Indie Pop is associated to Indie Pop on the right.

Yes, I can find it by searching.

Weird, there are a bunch of my genres that do not show up but I can search for them.

If you use Roon Genres only, then it will not use the mapping (I believe).

Did you see my edit2 above?

Cheers, Greg

Got it thank you. I really do not understand why this is so hard. So I was able to find Indie Pop two levels below Pop/Rock

Pop/rock >> alternative/indie rock>>indie pop

This is with Show Roon Genres off. I just want to see a flat list of my genres. Pretty please???

Say you have 100 albums that Roon has identified as “Jazz”, and you have another 5 albums Roon wasn’t able to identify, but which you’ve tagged in the files with the genre Jazz. If you’ve decided to show your tag genres and Roon genres, what should happen?

We could give you two different genres that are both called Jazz (your version and Roon’s) but it’s more accurate to say that these are all the same genre, so anything you tag in your files as Jazz gets access to all the richness of Roon genres (detailed sub genres, top artists and albums, descriptions, etc).

We have some changes coming in this area to make things more comprehensible when Roon genres are turned off, but right now hierarchy (meaning Indie Pop set as a subgenre of Rock/Pop) is preserved even when Roon genres are turned off. You can edit this on the Indie Pop genre page, by going to the Edit screen and setting it to be top level genre.

That’s correct. Mapping is really only designed to let you map your file tags to Roon’s genres, so you can take advantage of that rich metadata.

For example, if you’ve been tagging your files as Alternative for a decade, you might want those all to show up as part of Roon’s Genre Alternative Rock, which again includes a description, sub genres, etc, and will automatically match any new content you add in the genre from TIDAL or your local files, so you don’t have to enter genre tags by hand.

Also, if you listen to Indie Pop a lot, then make it a bookmark.

Cheers, Greg