Help with squeezebox touch setup

I mainly use Roon with my sonictransporter i7 streaming to Sonore signature SE to Schiit Yggy DAC through usb. I added a squeezebox touch and got it working to play files on the internal hard drive in the Sonictransporter. However, I can’t Roon to recognize it as endpoint to stream tidal or Qobuz. I followed the Roon information online which says I should be able to see the SB touch in settings but it doesn’t appear there? Any thoughts for next steps to troubleshoot? Also it seems I can only control the files with Logitech music server not Roon since Roon doesn’t see this.

First turn off/stop LMS.

Then under Roon/Settings/Setup - turn on “Enable Squeezebox Support”

Then power cycle the Touch

Next on the Touch itself either under “Settings” or the home screen select “switch library” and chose the name you gave your Roon core.

Hopefully that should do it.

Let me know if that works for you.

Thanks, I’ll try that but first I am not sure how to turn off LMS.

On the computer/device that is running LMS open the LMS control panel and select stop LMS.

Not so simple for me since my Roon Core is on the Sonictransporter and it has its own way of using Roon or Squezelite and becomes confusing having so many variables. I contacted the makers of my sonictransporter for help to see if there is something I need to an age on that end. If someone knows how Roon interacts with the sonicorbitor software that would be helpful. Thanks

Hi @larry_green,

We have an article about setting up Squeezebox devices for use with Roon — I definitely recommend checking that out! If you have any questions after going through the instructions there please let us know!

Thanks. I read the guide re squeezebox set up but no luck. I guess the first issue is that I don’t believe I have Logitech Media Server running anywhere but I don’t know how to verify this. It’s not on my computers or iPads but maybe there is a setting on the Touch itself? If so, I can’t find it. Also, the guide indicates I should verify firewall settings of machine running Roon Core. Core is on a sonictransporter and I don’t see anything that I dates this is an issue. I did type IP address of Roon Server and that allows SB Touch to see the hd in the sonictransporter and it’s music files. I can play the files directly from the Touch. So the Touch is clearly on the network. I’m at a loss for next steps.

Re reading the guide, realized I typed IP address of the core into the Touch, not Roon itself. Where do I type the IP address into Roon?

Hello @larry_green,

You shouldn’t have to type the IP address in Roon to detect the squeezebox touch, but I would make sure that you have selected the correct Core from My Music -> Switch Library first. You may also want to try factory resetting the Touch if that does not yield the desired results in Settings -> Advanced -> Restore Factory Settings.

– Noris

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Thanks. This is incredibly frustrating. I did factory reset. I even
downloaded Logitech Media server to a Mac and made sure that it was logged
off. The Touch indicates the LMS is not connected. When I go to My
Music>Switch Library, it shows it is connected to the sonictransporter and
that is only choice. It finds all the files on the sonictransporter hd but
I want Roon to control this, not the Touch. I enabled squeezebox support
on Setup in Roon but I cannot get Roon to see the touch in audio zones.

Hi @larry_green,

Can you describe your current networking setup? What networking hardware is in use and how are your devices connected?

Is the Squeezebox on the same IP range as the Core machine?

I was able to fix through the operating software in the sonictransporter. There is an icon called software manager that had enabled the squeezebox server so I was able to use this to dis-enable . Resolved

Excellent! Enjoy the music!

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