Help with The Current Minnesota Public Radio

Any help with The Current Minnesota Public Radio would be fantastic. I really appreciate the help with these stations. Thank you

I live In the Twin Cities and under My Library - My Live Radio, I tap on add stations, then for me local stations. The Current, MPR and 18 other Public radio stations appear.

Here’s a partial screen shot

Hello @Robert_Chatfield , was there a particular station you wanted that we don’t have? @Shawn_Costello has kindly given you a list of what we do have at present.

I’m happy to add more.

I am near Indianapolis. When I try what you suggested there are three stations listed as local (Kentucky, Cincinnati, and Fort Wayne). Is there a way to search for stations? I’m sure I am just missing something. Thanks

You can type MPR or mpr in your search box, then scroll down to Live Radio and see what appears.

The distance which defines whether a stations is local or not is governed by a parameter on the Live Radio page

However, we only have 22 Minnesota stations in all, and 12 of those are sub streams of “Your Classical Radio”.
A quick internet search shows many more, e.g.Listen to Minnesota radio stations online - best Minnesota music stations for free without registering at .

Rather than add randomly, if would be helpful if you (or others) pointed out good ones to add.

I’ll try to make a list after work or later this week.

Brian - I was able to expand the distance to 500 miles which pulled up the assorted MPR classical channels. The channel I was hoping for is The Current. I first learned about the channel from CD’s that they produce with assorted in studio performances. I have also listened to the stream a few times. Hoping to be able to listen via Roon. I appreciate everyone’s help

Hello @Robert_Chatfield , I’ve added The Current for you. Please check if OK

Thank you. It took me a minute to find it, but I am set. Thank you