Help with Wifi and Display

I am trying to configure my rasperberry pi 4 model b 2019 4gb and I am running into problems with the wifi and official 7" display. I have it connected to a Schiit Modius/Magnius stack. I am using a 2018 MacBook Pro as my server. The only extension showing in Roon is spockfish remote control.

First, the wifi is not working. I have it plugged in via USB to the Modius and it will play music if I am using ethernet. I went into the setting on RoPiee and I activate wifi and entered my password (rebooted too).

Also the display turns on and get to the RoPiee is ready section. It play music, but stays on that screen and does not show the album cover. I have the name of the DAC in Roon and Ropiee name in setting the same (SchiitRopieee).

I also can’t load ropieeexl.local now. Still plays music though.

Regarding the display, I assume you have enabled the extension in Roon and set the Roon Control zone on the Display tab?

Regarding the URL, did you change the name as per your first note? This would explain the change in behavior. You can use the IP address instead.

When I go to the display tab, it says no displays available and it gives me a web display URL

Sorry. The Display tab of the RoPieee web GUI.

In the display (ropieee GUI) and audio settings (roon) zone must be identical and case matters.

Also you must in roon settings extensions enable and pair the remote for the ropieee

If there is no display tab shown in ropieee you perhaps have not got it connected or need to start a fresh flash of ropieee on an sd card, and install again.

Ok I will change the display name. It is “unknown” right now.

It is rebooting now. I constantly run Express VPN from my MacBook. Would that be causing these issues?

As long as the vpn is not on the router and ropieee get thru installing the roon bridge you should be fine even if vpn is on

Installation needs Ethernet to internet to complete. Then you can setup WiFi.

Still no luck with the display.

I had it plugged into the ethernet during initial setup.

And when I unplug the Ethernet

I give up with this. Reflashed the micro SD and still running into the same problems.

Maybe worth sending Harry a feedback from the advanced menu then

I sent feedback. eea68e50a86b36be @spockfish

Harry will be watching the F1 today but I’m sure he can spot something wrong easily when he gets to the.

Go Max!!!

Hi @William_Maloney

your install did not finish properly, hence the problems.
Question: do you have NTP blocked in your firewall or something?

So first that needs to be figured out. So please reflash (with cable connected) and send me feedback when that’s finished.