Help with wireless 24/192 - DSD

Hi all -

After surfing roon’s forum I still am a bit confused what to do.

My budget is only at approx. $500 USD.

Currently using a Laptop (core) > Chromecast AUDIO > NAD DAC (24/96 PCM only, because of the Chromecast limitations).


Laptop (core) > Chromecast > AVR = Dolby digital is all I get due again, to chromecasts limitation.

I’m searching endlessly for a good solution to either:

-Run a 5.1 wireless setup into my AVR via HDMI with a budget NUC solution

or - 2.0 setup with a endpoint that will output DSD.

What is the cheapest NAS option that will run core?

Is there a budget NUC/clone option that is minimum specs?

I guess I don’t understand what I need to make this all work in a fluid seamless manor.

Can I do DSD wirelessly with anything? I can’t seem to find these answers among the endless pages of this forum. Nothing right to the point.

Thanks all.

There’s a nuc on the for sale board for $300 that will run rock well. Not sure about and endpoint to do 5.1 (not my thing lol). You can do an Allo usbrige for around $100. Add wireless to it (USB wireless stick) for less than $50.


Thanks Derek! So the USBridge is an endpoint only?

Yes. Outputs to USB. They make a version (digione) that outputs to digital out also. Depending on what you are running it to. Same idea, different outputs. You can also use a windows laptop/mini/etc as an endpoint if you have one laying around. Specs for an endpoint don’t have to be much.

I was using the laptop as an endpoint. I switched to the chromecast before they dried up. it does 24/96 PCM. But heres the thing. I wanted to see what DSD was all about.

Does this do DSD?
Sorry this is very overwhelming. I am going to have to purchase a NAS drive I guess for all of my music.

The ability to do dsd is going to come done to what dac you use. If you are using the on board dac in your receiver I’m not sure what it will support.

I use an Allo bridge($99) into a khadas tone board ($99) and it works beautifully. But windows into the tone board will also work as well.

Can’t I run Roon on a NAS drive with all my music? Do you know whats the cheapest one it will support? Sorry I’m still lost! haha.

You can. If you are going the nuc rock way though you can just grab a couple portable USB drives.

I have a bunch of networked drives but no experience with a Nas.

This might help -

thank you!

What is needed say for a NUC running both JRiver and Roon not necessarily at the same time, but both on the system?

I’ve used an i3 with WIN10 to run both Roon and JShiver. Also, I had Plex and Kodi installed on that machine. I’ve used a Mac Mini with less satisfactory results.

Currently, I use an i5. Only because I have too many NUCs and I’m trying to sell the i3.

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Oh yea! I was talking to you. I’m in the market but I think I want Win10 for JRiver’s OS as well. I have ISOs to run so it can’t just be for Roon Rock unfortunately.

Is 8GB ram, 120 Gb SSD, with 4tb drive (for storage) ok for that?