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How do I initiate a new topic? I want to ask for help with wrong album covers,
By that I mean you don’t display the right cover among the alternatives you offer. The reason I am so sure of myself about your error is that I have the original albums in hand. How can I get these covers to you? How do I know you don’t have them. I showed a tech, about -4 months\ ago, a cover to Aida, by Maria Callas, in Mexico City, 1951, and he exclaimed we have that cover! I lost contact with him, but it left me worried that I wouldn’t ever be able to get it straighten out. In the meantime I have found 10 more errors and I would like to correct these album cover errors using some program other than he one you are relying on. Thanks

Hi @John_F_Leonard,

I’ve moved your post to a new Topic. Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?


I suspect it is me that @John_F_Leonard is referring to - but I am not “a tech” - just another Roon user.

This time I was kept in the commonly asked responses to every move I made towards “start here” and other apparent hot links. No live entry only more “palaver”. So, I go to an old site and I enter a perfectly inappropriate response to the old line with a new entry. The only site I could get a live response. Now I get a support person and that is what I sought in the first place. As you can see this problem has existed since I first became a life member.
OK now to respond to the album covers matter: It appears that the member’s suggestion is quite true, namely all the albums with wrong covers are from the “Maria Callas Live” box set. I have other box sets: The Inaugural Season, Extraordinary Met performances From 1966-67, and Leontyne Price, Prima Donna Assuluta ?Her Ultimate Opera Recordings - Remastered. and Domingo the Verdi Opera Collection. The first one ha twenty discs the second has 22discs , the second has Twenty-two and the last has15 discs.
This is not a technical problem for me, it is just a matter of time and attention to pull all the discs together. I am asking you to take it on as a technical problem for Roon. Some discs are “in” the box, some “outside”. I am surely not alone in having box sets. I ripped the discs one at a time, outside of the box. Why not display them outside of the box? Or put them all in the box, but do something definitive with them?

Don’t I even warrant a reply to my question? Doesn’t Roon have some responsibility to get the right album covers on discs, that were ripped singly irrelevant of any box they originated in. I don’t see the issue of the “box set”.

What is going on? Not even a response of any kind?

Hello @John_F_Leonard, my apologies for the delay on this thread. I spoke to the team about this inquiry and we would like you to take a look at our article on multi disc sets here. Please let me know if this article clears things up and if you’re stuck on any spot of the process please share a screenshot of that step and we’ll be happy to help!

I’m sorry, but I don’t get it. Why is this my problem, not yours? I’ve read all the information you are directing me to for to umpteenth time. I still come back to the same issue. These are individually boxed CDs. What worked from my hard drive doesn’t work from Roon? True, there was no cover art, but why the wrong cover art assigned by Roon? Must you assign the wrong cover? Something is going on here that leaves me in the fog. Please attend to tis issue. I think I have defined it clearly enough that it doesn’t warrant another reference to Knowledge base. We’re talking past each other.

Possibly because you are not explaining the issue clearly enough for anyone else to understand what it is?

Your other thread left me scratching my head as to what was going on, and this thread seems to be going the same way, unfortunately. I can only wish the support team the best of luck in helping you.


Hi @John_F_Leonard,

Nuwriy looped me in here and I wanted to follow up on this.

This is the part that Nuwriy and I have been focusing on when drafting our reply. You mention that a number of box sets have the wrong box art. A couple of things about box sets:

  • For best results, we recommend that you follow the instructions here. Having a specific folder structure will help Roon ensure that the box set is identified properly.
  • Individual discs of a box set do not have their own covers. There is only one album cover used in Roon. Specific discs of a set can not have their own covers.

If you’re following these instructions and still seeing issues, sharing some screenshots is going to be the best way for us to see and understand the specific issue you’re experiencing.

I want Roon to do the same for the for the Callas’ set that they have done for the Leontyne Price and Placido Domingo sets: give her set the proper album covers as demonstrated by these screen shots:.image|690x387

What I am complaining about is this screen shot from the Callas collection:

I know Roon can do better
I have found wrong album covers on some entries for: Andrea Chenier, Nabucco, Macbeth, Anna Bolena, LaTraviata, Callas’ Aida, I Vespr, LaVestale, La Traviata, de los Angeles’ Carmen, La Traviata, de los Angeles’ Carmen, Carmen Burana.
The above errors have been determined by comparing the actual album covers with those that are displayed by Roon.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

All these albums were on my hard drive when Roon took over; nothing is new since.

To help out, here is a copy of the correct album cover for Maria Callas’ recording of Aida in 1951 in Mexico City. This a photo of the album cover with the edge of the back panel of Andrea Chenier showing on the right edge of the photo. That should demonstrate the nature of the containers for the list of operas of which I am writing. They are individually packaged, giving the appearance of a collection of individual operas, a collection, not a series.

Here is the incorrect album cover assigned by Roon:

Hello @John_F_Leonard, and thanks for the feedback here! I’ll pass this along to our team, if you find this situation on other items, I recommend adding file tags or using the “prefer file” option for the album covers. We’re always improving our metadata and will keep this thread in mind!

Thanks for the recognition! Thanks for reading my response to your note. That one screenshot is the only thing I knew to try, a photo of the album cover. I will have to admit I’m feeling vindicated. All this long struggle to get more than a scratched head. I was cast aside as incomprehensible. But I was really doing Roon’s work to upgrade it’s algorithm. Oh well, it’s forget it time. I like Roon and what it does for my collection. The short essays, good Stuff.
My best to you. John

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I’m again showing my ignorance because you asked for “File tags” and I am only bewildered by the entries in the folder that comes with the CD. What should I be looking for? A little more detail. thanks

Hello @John_F_Leonard, my apologies for the delay here. So we usually recommend something like MP3Tag or similar for reviewing and editing your tags. I’d also recommend giving this article a read so you can get things set up the way you want them!

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