Heos Amp HS2 endpoint

I’m trialling Roon and have a Heos HS2 powering outdoor speakers, which I’d like to use as a Roon endpoint. I’ve only been able to find suggestions that this may be possible with AirPlay. I am not an Apple user so am completely unfamiliar with this.

Is anyone able to provide some step by step support?

Some HEOS enabled products from Denon and Marantz will show up as Roon tested devices. I do not know about your HS2, but if it is compatible you should be able to enable it as an endpoint under Settings > Audio

I am not an Apple person either. My HEOS enabled AVR shows up as I described above and works just fine (although I never connect this way.)

Edit: Found this link which lists the Roon tested devices from Denon. I do not see the HS2 on it.

Roon is an Airplay sender itself you don’t need any Apple products to send to Airplay devices with Roon as it handles it all. If your HEOS supports Airplay it will show up as in the Other network devices, in the audio settings area and it’s been untested by Roo. Or it will appear under Roon Tested if they have tested it. You can then activate this and use Roon to play to the HEOS from either of these sections. Don’t worry about it not being Roon tested that only means Roon where sent one from Denon and have put it through its paces. If it’s Airplay it tends to just work.