HEOS Link With Roon

(William Walsh) #1

Hi anyone have any ideas on how to make the HEOS Link a Roon endpoint?

(simon arnold) #2

You can’t Heos is a closed system. Unless you can plug another device into it and use a Roon supported device Heos is not supported.

(Johan N) #3

It’s supposed to do AirPlay, meaning you can use it with Roon as endpoint through AirPlay.

(Arthur Ott) #4

I bought a Chromecast Audio device and plugged it into my Heos link. The Chromecast Audio is a Roon endpoint. I can access my Heos app and select the input (Aux Input) on the Heos Link and the use Roon to control what music is feed to that Heos input. You still need to use the Heos app to control the volume on your Heos devices. It works pretty well, once you select the Aux Input and set the Heos volume, you can minimize the Heos app and control your music selection from the Roon app.

(Philip Murray) #5

I’m just playing TIDAL through the new Heos Soundbar via the Heos app. Well I’m not but my wife is. I’m playing TIDAL MQAs via my Roon Nucleus and KEF LS50W standing on either side of the soundbar.