Heos or Sonos, other


I am starting my multi room project and need to decide what technology I am going with. I will be buying soon a Marantz Av receiver that will have HEOS capability, but not shore if the HEOS speakers Will work with roon.

On the other side, if I don’t buy HEOS speakers, I am looking at SONOS, On a mix of play 1 and play 5.

Does anyone has any experience with this gear, or could advise me on what is the best solution?

Many thanks in advance


Heos doesn’t work, Sonos is partially integrated.


Ok, then HEOS is out of the map. At this stage I only need roon endpoints, when you say Sonos is partially integrated, what aspects are you referring to?

Also what other solution would you propose instead?


Sonos is fully integrated. However, some people have had stability problems from what I’ve read in the forum here. Personally, I’ve not experienced that, but I am a relative newcomer to the Roon bandwagon, so it’s possible those problem pre-date my switch to Roon.

The other issue with Sonos (or really any of the non-RAAT-based endpoints) is you can only group zones with other Sonos zones. You cannot group Sonos and RAAT endpoints together. So if you are doing multi-room, you need to consider if that will be an issue for you or not.

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I am also a new to roon, but till now it’s been a good experience.

I can see what you say about grouping the devices. That is one of the reasons for keeping all under one manufacturer. However, I would like to be able to group different RAAT, so I have an open dor to the future.

I can see that Bluesound also offers some Roon endpoint + speakers, like the Pulse, Pulse Min and Pulse FLEX. Does any one have any opinion about them, or a different suggestion?

Thanks in advance

They have an outstanding issue with grouping I think.

I have several Bluesound devices, and they work as they should.

Main system: NAD C-368 with a BluOS MDC card
Office: Bluesound Powernode 2
Master Bedroom: Bluesounde Flex

Don’t have any other Roon endpoints, so can’t comment about grouping those together. But since they’re fully certified by roon (and run the RAAT protocol) I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

I’m super happy with this solution and recommend it highly


That’s great. :slight_smile:

On the Bluesound do you have it linked by LAN or using WIFI?

Many thanks


I have them connected by LAN. I don’t like WLan much :slight_smile:


I am currently doing some test with the Audio Pro A10, and initial thoughts are:

  • Was able to connect A10 to Roon over AirPlay
  • Was able to group the A10 with other AirPlay devices
  • The A10 did turn on when started the play music.
  • Volume also responded
  • Sound wise was what you expect for the type of device.