Here is a description of all I've purchased

2012 Mac Mini
128gb SSD OS drive
1TB SSD Samsung SSD EVO drive
16gb memory,
TeraDak LPS
2 - 4gb Lacie thunderbolt drives

Audio-GD Asynchronous USB DAC - Support up to 192K / 32 BIT through USB

I - PC laptop
1 ipad Air

Cox cable with a Cisco Router DPQ3925

Other than Software is there any thing else I need,
I plan to use ROON.
Roon remote works through IPad and Mac Mini ?
Mac Mini will be connect wifi is this correct ?
Do I need anything else to finsih my system ?
NAS will come later next year.

Just out of curiosity, what are you planning on using the LPS for? If it’s for the Mac Mini, how are you connecting the two?


I’ve removed the power supply from the Mac Mini and replaced it with a custom made power strip in the Mac, and have an exturnal power supply feeding it. TEKA DAK is pretty common for this.

Just curious about your network design.

I tend to be quite conservative in my design as I want the network to NOT be a bottleneck.
A layer 2 design using aggregation layer switch and an access switch with per room/zone. All GB rated
A fast router with a SFP link to the aggregation switch. I prefer to run the router bridged to the ISP service or put my router in the DMZ.
Firewall configuration and QOS to a minium.

I only have the Cox Cable Cisco box, this is the reason for my post, To save on the testing of gadgets and get only what I really need for this to work, Any suggestions and help is greatly appreciated.