Hey, if I can build this

Anybody can!!! I have poor memory, eyesight, and arthritis and still built a half-assed ROCK setup. I had an old Antec Overture II case that required a special PSU. So when it died, I shelved the unit. The other day I was cleaning up some old stuff and took a quick inventory of some of what I had. An ASUS Maximus IX Hero mobo with a i5 7900K and 16GB RAM still attached to it, a Plextor 128GB M.2 drive, a Samsung 500GB EVO M.2 drive and a Thermaltake 800W PSU. I don’t know why I never took a better look but with a quick hack I was able to use the Thermaltake PSU by routing the power cord through the exhaust port on the left side of the case. The biggest problem I had was trying to find the proper BIOS update as there were so many different versions of that motherboard. That and Codecs took me a bit to figure out. Migrated the core and editted the IP address setup in the router for ARC.

Testing it all out right now. Works pretty damn good. AND I’M AN EFFIN’ DUMBASS, so anybody should be able to do this.


Great post. Good job. More should try building a MOCK like you did.


Excellent! That’s what I’ve been saying for 3 years. If I can do it, absolutely anyone can. And it looks like I have less technical acumen than you. I guess that makes me an effin’ dumbass in training :slight_smile:

I just paid full retail price for a Nucleus Plus!


/sarcasm /kidding /just4laffs

Congrats - that is awesome. I may do that someday meself.

Dude, straight up that is awesome. Very impressed. Go you.

pics of this marvel?

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Great job @BeersOnMe :heavy_heart_exclamation:
But on another note, wanting to take you by the word: what’s your account details, so that I can charge my beers on you?
Have a great new year!

Once testing is done I will open it for more shots. If all goes well it will get integrated into my gear this weekend.

Notice the sheer size of the thing. I remember now that I never cared for the brushed silver face the case came with, probably why I didn’t do that little extra to find a PSU way back when. Looking better now.


Yikes! Where do you plan to put that. garage or cellar?

Right next to my receiver on the bottom shelf of the cabinet everything sits on… There’re 2 separate network drops in that room but none on that wall, so I still need to run a cable from out behind my rig.

Nice work. I was looking for you last night to take you up on the “beers on me” stuff. I ain’t but 15 minutes away in Wallingford.

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Those tiny screws are a pain but thankfully my tiny screw drivers are magnetic , its getting bad when a screw driver has more dexterity than me !!

Have you tried turning it off and then turning it back on again? :grinning:

Of course. I did go ahead and hook up the power and reset buttons. I’m not too worried about remote startup. If something happens to my Core while I’m away, I have many back up plans in place for tunes to be playing somehow.

This particular project wasn’t difficult, it was more of making sure stuff that’s been getting tossed around in my basement for years could still take electrical current and not burn the house down. I’ve been known to do that every now and again.

There was also a time years ago when I flashed the EPROM of a Chaintech AV710 soundcard to a Prodigy 7.1 soundcard so I could kernel stream via Foobar2000 for bit-perfect playback. When I had money…

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