Hey just started, all this 'downloading' is this art work, and files

from my NAS now gettting loaded to my lap top - i hope not won’t it take up a ton of room that’s why i have a NAS? I have about 3,000 albums 17,000 tracks - how much space is this going to take up on my Laptop or HD? @support

Hi @alex_mendoza,

All of your media will still reside on your NAS. Actual Roon database size will depend on a few factors, but generally you should expect roughly 2GB per 1,000 albums.

Ok - question - if my laptop is shut off which is where i believe this - can i use the phone app still - since the music is on the NAS - where is this Roon Database - should it not reside on my NAS?

Hi @alex_mendoza,

If you’re using the laptop as your Core it must be running in order for your remote to connect and play music.

It is possible to install RoonServer on your NAS instead if you wish. You can read more about this in our Knowledge Base.

… and if the NAS is up to handling the demands placed upon it by the Core. Not every NAS is…

The Roon library, not to be confused with any music files, resides on the machine that is running Core.

Currently, for you, that means your laptop.

If you want to move Core to your NAS, assuming the NAS can run Core, then your library will reside on the NAS. In that case, if you want to retain any edits you made to the library when it was on your laptop, you will have to first backup the laptop library (using Roon’s backup) and restore to the NAS (using Roon’s restore).

i already read everything about the NAS - iv’e spend HOURS on trying to get roon to work now what do i do? i don’t want to read anymore on the knowledge base - which is the same as saying go figure it out yourself if not tell me how it differs? Please send me the steps to do this correctly for my NAS

also how do i stop the system from putting files on my laptop

how do i erase all this stuff it’s put on my laptop

How does my roon account know that it needs to import all over again?

What spec NAS do you have ?

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Clearly this is not plug and play let that be my observation. And i’ve run sonos for 10 years. And i own a tech agency. My NAS is a QNAP TS-251A

what a bummer - so if you have a laptop it needs to be on all the time which is not going to happen- i guess i don’t need to do this with Sonos cause of the hardware you have to buy for it. So i have a NAS that has ‘spinning disks’ which isn’t good, so i have to dump this $400 NAS - for a Solid state HD which will drive my cost up to nearly 1K - gotta move all my files over this new thing - just to do a trial of Roon… mmm ain’t making it easy :slight_smile:

No one promised that running a Roon Core on a NAS would be plug and play.

Your NAS is a lower spec than recommended by Roon for running the Core. I don’t think it would result in a good user experience with your size library.

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My objective was to try Roon Trial to see how it works. The objective was not to run Roon on my NAS - , so i followed instructions to set up this trial on my computer i use, which is a laptop, which most laptops turn off or sleep when you shut the lid. So is Roon assuming then, that most people have desktops who are doing the trial?

What would be the most ideal NAS or server, or recommendations, to use for Roon if i have to get a new one - should it be a QNAP - should it be a NAS? I do have a pretty good desk top - but then i have to have a monitor abouts all the time which would take up room.

Roon needs the Core to be active in order to play music. A laptop can be used for a trial, but if you like the product then an Ethernet connected Core is a better experience. A NUC or similar dedicated server is preferred by many users.

If your NAS is adequate for your other needs, then personally I’d suggest a NUC running ROCK if you are looking at further hardware.

The first step though, is to figure out if you like Roon. There is a learning curve associated with it, and the Knowledge Base can help.

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I don’t see any VIEW options - from what i can tell there is only one view - i like a grid so you can see more - or other ways like itunes does or Sonos or naim - am i just missing it?

Roon has an Album view, an Artist view, a Composer view, a Track view, and a Composition view.

All of these are detailed in the Knowledge Base.

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I would advice not to get a NAS for Roon Core.
Leave the music files on the NAS, it’s what it’s good at.
Get a NUC and install ROCK. Hardware + software is about $360.
Stays on all the time, tucked away in a closet.

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Hi @alex_mendoza,

What kind of options are you looking for here?

As mentioned above there are a couple of different views available to you:

You can also adjust some UI elements in Settings > General:

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I do have to say this is probably the best support function / community i’ve ever seen - this is incredible. As far as views - i didn’t mean filters which is what composers, albums, all those are - what i meant by view is thumbnails size albums, medium size or large size, or list view - no albums just line of your music - because although the User Interface is quite lovely - i’d like the ability to see more ‘amount’ of albums say in a grid like Itunes - rather than just the waht looks like 2 inches by 2 inches on one row, and then i guess you click on those little dots to go from page to page, that’s nice - but that’s one option - if you want to browse much more quickly and see 25 items on a page at a glance would or list view like 60 line items representing albums would be good for browsing i guess that’s not possilbe.

You can’t reduce the icon size or get a list view. Once you get thousands of albums, your own or streaming, in your library browsing becomes less effective anyway.
Search, bookmarks, focus all come into play instead.

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