Hi Fi Rose vs Lumin, etc

The HiFi Rose at $5k is all the talk right now (much due to MoFi distribution heavy advertising). The Lumin T2 is a similar (slightly less) price, however, the model has been around for a couple of years.

The HFR is full of “on chassis” bells and whistles. Most notably the Hi Rez touch screen with video capabilities. The T2 has just a general info screen and all of it’s “goodies” can be accessed thru the app.

Am I wrong in thinking that a unit like the T2 is probably a better unit in general because costs are not spent on “on board goodies like screens, etc)”?

I’m sure there are assembly costs that may be different…Just a general question

Has anyone actually compared the HFR 150 to a T2 (or 250 to a D2)?

I had the T2 before upgrading to the X1. Fabulous piece of kit. From a design philosophy, Lumin tries to avoid anything that might contribute to noise. That’s why their units have a simple monochromatic display that can be turned off. It’s also why there’s no WiFi connections to the unit, other than via a phone or tablet controller. I’ve not seen any comparisons to HiFi Rose but read reviews on the T2, which has been favorably received.

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That is what I’m thinking. The added cost of throwing in everything including the kitchen sink has me concerned that compromises are made elsewhere.

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