Hi-Fi system connection

Hi, I’m using Roon now for a few weeks and the system is great. All works fine in general. But I wonder how I could use my hifi environment more effectively by using my electrocomaniet EMP3 player with Roon. I also have a component from the electrocompaniet living product line (the Rena streamer) but that does not give me the full resolution of the HD Music files. The EMP3 is networked but cannot be defined as a network device and an output to Roon (does not show up in the Audio list). My setup is:
Core runs on QNAP with 8 GB ram and on SSD drive
Roon core version is 1.6
Currently about 5000 titles in the DB
Audio devices are: Sonos, Rena SA1, and cromecast, so far
Looking forward to advices on how to connect to DLNA devices from Roon to have the EMP3 working as audio devices as part of my hifi environment. Many thanks in advance, Klaus

It is based off the Oppo 103. It was never a Roon Ready Device and so is not running Roon’s Network Protocol. And Roon does not support DLNA, and Roon has stated it will never support DLNA.

What can you do? According to the specs I’ve found the only digital in is via HDMI. I could not find any specific information on the USB 2.0 ports, so I’m not sure if they are for storage only. You could setup a cheap NUC running Rock and plug it into the EMP3 using an HDMI cable.

Understood. I will look into your proposed option and try that if not too difficult for my level of expertise. Thanks a lot, Nicolaus

You could also get a Raspberry PI with a quality SPDIF/Coax addon (HAT) which can then feed the Rena, thereby turning it into a Roonready DAC. This is what I use to feed my Naim DAC and it’s superb.