Hi I'm Michael, new Product Manager. Let's Chat!

I think this is the main thread that people re referring to wrt to ideas for playlists.

In addition there are several threads in the feature suggestions section that cover playlist improvements. Hopefully this link will bring them up for you.



Congrats on your new role :grinning:

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Welcome and best of luck. I enjoy using ROON and want to continue using it for years. Ihave backed off all other media and look forward to the future using ROON but i am worried and concerned about the software becoming so heavy that it makes my front end sources/Cores obsolete. I have no problem with ROON backing off on the intense graphics and focusing on the quality of the streaming and reproduction of the source material if that will prolong the end life of our cores. I have thousands invested in my cores and want to be comfortable knowing that these items will last for years. I keep my turntable in reserve always for the iust in case day but am appreciiative to have a place to voice concerns someone like yourself can keep in mind and i’m sure many folks have similar concerns. Be well and best of luck in your future there.

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I can only confirm that. I bought a Nucleus in autumn 2020 and am currently worried that the thing might not be enough in the foreseeable future. And then it would be virtually worthless - I wouldn’t want to make that investment every few years.

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Hi @michael, thank you for being the awesome kind of PM who wants to talk with customers! It always surprises me how many don’t.

  1. This: Hi-Res on Android? UAPP integration?
    Being able to use my phone with a quality dac and headphones would be a dream and I’m sure for many who may not only be into speakers. But even with speakers, these phones are amazingly cheap, quality endpoints, and for example: Neil Young Archive uses LG V60 Quad Dac, why doesn't Roon? (And I assume LG V20, V30, V40, V50)

  2. Offline! Roon mobile: Syncing Music Files To Portable Devices for local playback [On Roadmap]
    I was on a trip recently and I wanted to listen to something I already own, but did not have access to it. Being able to download albums and play on the go would be a dream.

I still recall the first time I heard internet/network based audio and it was radio, pre 2k and somehow this was streaming to my computer. I was blown away and hooked. I’m impressed what Roon has accomplished so far and look forward to even greater things (discogs and/or Apple music integrations? rainbows and unicorns :)).

Keep up the great work and thank you for creating the feedback loop!


Hi Michael,
When I found ROON it was the answer to all my hifi problems :slight_smile:
I’ve been a fan of Meridian Audio kit for many, many years and now have systems in 4 separate rooms. When I get round to building my workshop that will make 5. I tried the Meridian multi room control system but it is so clunky that it was no use to me.
I have lots of physical CDs but finding the right one and sharing between rooms is tough. I have ripped them into Apple Music (well iTunes originally) which helps finding them but doesn’t solve the multi room problems.
And then you start buying albums as digital downloads in higher resolution and bit rates. And then you sign up to a streaming music service, in my case Qobuz. Music stored all over the place!
I also listen to a lot of radio during the day but all the stations I enjoy are slowly moving off FM onto DAB. DAB often poor quality. Planet Rock, my favourite radio station, broadcasts in Mono! But on internet streaming its in reasonable quality stereo.
So ROON with its enhanced library functions, multi room capability, streaming and Live radio capabilities solves all these problems. After a short trial I bought a life membership.
But now Bauer Radio, the owners of Planet Rock and a lot of other popular internet radio stations here in the UK, are changing their streaming interface to require you to log in. See

So very soon I will no longer be able to listen to my favourite radio station from within ROON. Which means that now I’m going to have to go back to using multiple user interfaces again. What a pain, especially as most of the Apple macs I’m using for ROON endpoints do not have displays!
I want ROON to address this problem of having to log into Bauer Media stations. After all where one stations leads, others will soon follow. And Sonos has fixed the problem with an add on “App”


Hi Michael. I’m ex-Roon but I miss it. Please work on providing an option to pay for Roon in local currency. In my country the local currency is very weak against the dollar so I can’t use Roon. Apple music and Spotify thankfully provide this. Best luck in your new job.


I have 2 spots a day and they get grabbed quite quickly. I can assure you it’s real though! If nothing is avail, feel free to msg me directly with thoughts

Hi, Michael. Welcome. Question: I have heard Roon will not run on an M1 Mac. Is this true? I am considering upgrading my laptop but am a bit concerned as I currently have Roon running on my MacBook Pro as the core.


Roon runs on an M1 Mac, but under emulation, it is not M1-native code yet. There are many posts here and it seems stable and works well on the M1 Macs.

Just not true. Run it every day on my work MacBook Pro M1.


Welcome @michael ! Best of luck in the new job!

If you’re lucky enough to get it started. It is an absolute chore trying to launch the client on my factory fresh Studio Ultra with macOS 12.3.1. Usually 5-10 launches of beachball or sig abort before it actually starts correctly. I’d call that the antithesis of stable and working well, and that is only the client.

Never buy the first model year, my grandfather told me.


Except it isn’t just the Mac Studio. This is happening on a wide variety of M1.

Ok. Good to know. I was seeing several folks complaining about this in the Facebook Roon group.

@Michael , congrats on your new position and thank you for reaching out to the customer.

Here are a few of functionalities / ideas I would love for Roon to explore and possibly develop and implement.

  1. Windows or Tabs user interface. The Roon application is like a browser into a file system-like, flat hierarchical menu tree. Would love it if we could open multiple windows or tabs into various menus, while keeping a main “Now Playing” windows / tab untouched. It would allow one to have for example a search tab, and open various search results into multiple other tabs to better browse through the vast amount of curated metadata available, without having to go back through the hierarchy up and down, in a tree fashion.

  2. Improved / Customizable playlist curation engine. Compared to that of Spotify, I find the Roon playlist curation engine not appealing to my personal taste / music affinity. I assume that this is by choice as may be Roon’s algorithms are designed / optimized towards suggesting new music outside of ones zone of comfort, which I am sure some users like a lot. But I may be not as adventurous, and I prefer Spotify’s philosophy of playlist curation much closer to ones affinities. So may be Roon could provide a slider to allow user to weight the playlist curation algorithm between “close to” or “far from” ones comfort zone / music affinity.

  3. Billboard charts. Would love it if Roon would provide Billboard like statistics of most favored or trending albums, songs, artists, … by genre or other filters, across various timespan, as well as most ripped / streamed (from Qbuz or Tidal) albums, songs, artists… and other interesting community stats. I feel it would be a useful tool to help us understand what the Roon community is listening to and how, and help us explore new music.

Thank you again for reaching out and best of luck in your new job.



I run on MacMini M1 no issues, headless Server version but client runs just fine too

Hi @michael ,

Good to have you on board!

If I can give a suggestion: I don’t have a list of product requirements, but as a creator of one of the many ‘community projects’ in the Roon ecosystem I would love to see Roon to put more effort in this ecosystem itself.

RoPieee is used by quite a few Roon users that want to experiment with Roon in combination with Raspberry Pi hardware. And RoPieee is not the only project, there are more.

This results for example in quite some support issues being handled in context of these projects. And if I want to summarize it: the ‘love’ is basically a one-way street. Or at least it feels like that :wink:

A thriving community with free and open source projects surrounding Roon can be beneficial for the product imho.

If you want to talk about his more: I’m always available for a chat.



I’m fairly new to Roon, but jumped onboard pretty quickly after getting a Cambridge Audio CXN V2. I’ve collected CD’s for years, and I love that I can access my ripped cd collection (stored on a NAS) alongside streaming content in the same interface. The meta data aspect was the next main attraction, and especially that this works with my offline content-and I also love that I can view lyrics of songs that are playing so I can sing along accurately! The ability to stream to multiple endpoints is fantastic too-and my main reason for justifying the purchase of an Intel NUC to use with ROCK (although I did manage to find a mega bargain-£90 for a 5i5RYK with 16Gb and an SSD).
Roon Radio is a great feature too-when it works. I am still regularly having issues with repeated playback of tracks though, almost like a playlist-and that is both hugely annoying at the time, and even more annoyingly it’s influencing my recommendations playing songs I don’t like. There doesn’t seem to be a way to reject a selection when it has started playing, which obviously is when you notice if you aren’t glued to the app-so for example now Tidal thinks I like Angel Olsen :rofl::joy: as Roon radio keeps playing her, even though the truth is I really don’t care much for her work. @jamie has said Roon are aware though, and a fix is imminent so I wait with baited breath :grinning:
Very happy to have a chat too :grinning:

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